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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Report on the Inaugural Australian Olive Association ExhibitionGawel, Richard R.; Jones, G.
2000Saccharomyces cerevisiae mannoproteins that protect wine from protein haze: Their release during fermentation and lees contact and a proposal for their mechanism of actionDupin, I.; McKinnon, B.; Ryan, C.; Boulay, M.; Markides, A.; Jones, G.; Williams, P.; Waters, E.
1995trans-3-Hydroxy-N-methyl-L-proline hydrochlorideJones, G.; Paleg, L.; Solomon, A.; Beer, S.; Waisel, Y.; Tiekink, E.
1995Crystal and molecular structure of g-L-glutamyl-b-cyano-L-alanineDelaere, I.; Tate, M.; Jones, G.; Tiekink, E.
2001Composition of grape skin proanthocyanidins at different stages of berry developmentKennedy, J.; Hayasaka, Y.; Vidal, S.; Waters, E.; Jones, G.
2001Analysis of proanthocyanidin cleavage products following acid-catalysis in the presence of excess phloroglucinolKennedy, J.; Jones, G.
1998Development of anthocyanin-derived pigments in young red wineJones, G.; Asenstorfer, R.; Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology Seminar (1997 : Adelaide)
1997Crystal and molecular structure and biological activity of (Z)-(Benzoyloxymethyl-NNO-azoxy) methaneTate, M.; Delaere, I.; Jones, G.; Seawright, A.; Tiekink, E.
2000Accumulation of proline analogues and adaptation of Melaleuca species to diverse environments in AustraliaNaidu, B.; Paleg, L.; Jones, G.
1996Water permeability in wheat root protoplasts determined from nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation timesZhang, W.; Jones, G.