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2001Identification of a RAPD marker linked to tolerance to peacock disease (Spilocea oleaginea) in olives (Olea europaea)Mekuria, Genet Teshome; Collins, G. G.; Lavee, S.; Sedgley, Margaret
2001Genetic diversity of a feral population of olive trees surrounding an abandoned groveMekuria, Genet Teshome; Collins, G. G.; Sedgley, Margaret
2001Use of electrospray mass spectrometry for mass determination of grape (Vitis vinifera) juice pathogenesis-related proteins: A potential tool for varietal differentiationHayasaka, Yoji; Adams, Kathryn S.; Pocock, Kenneth F.; Baldock, Gayle A.; Waters, Elizabeth Joy; Hoj, Peter Bordier
2001Resistance to an herbivore through engineered cyanogenic glucoside synthesisTattersall, David Bruce; Bak, Soren; Jones, Patrik R.; Olsen, Carl Erik; Nielsen, Jens K.; Hansen, Mads L.; Hoj, Peter Bordier; Moller, Birger Lindberg
2001Aflatoxin contamination and its management in chilli and paprika products in AustraliaKlieber, Andreas
2001Factors affecting Agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer and the selection of transgenic calli in paper shell almond (Prunus dulcis Mill.)Ainsley, Phillip John; Collins, G. G.; Sedgley, Margaret
2001Identification of genetic markers in olive linked to olive leaf spot resistance and susceptibilityMekuria, Genet Teshome; Collins, G. G.; Sedgley, Margaret; Lavee, S.
2001Glycosyltransferases in secondary plant metabolism: tranquilizers and stimulant controllersJones, Patrik R.; Vogt, Tobias
2001Ability of lactic acid bacteria to produce N-heterocycles causing mousy off-flavour in wineCostello, Peter J.; Lee, T. H.; Henschke, Paul A.
2001Sequences of the cDNAs and genomic DNAs encoding the S1, S7, S8, and Sf alleles from almond, Prunus dulcisChannuntapipat, Chockpisit; Sedgley, Margaret; Collins, G. G.