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2019Tuning MnO₂ to FeOOH replicas with bio-template 3D morphology as electrodes for high performance asymmetric supercapacitorsLi, K.; Liu, X.; Zheng, T.; Jiang, D.; Zhou, Z.; Liu, C.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Y.; Losic, D.
2019Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles decorated graphene for chemoresistive gas sensing: the particle size effectsTung, T.; Chien, N.; Van Duy, N.; Van Hieu, N.; Nine, M.; Coghlan, C.; Tran, D.; Losic, D.
2019Synthesis of three phase graphene/titania/polydimethylsiloxane nanocomposite films and revealing their dielectric and impedance propertiesIshaq, S.; Kanwal, F.; Atiq, S.; Moussa, M.; Losic, D.
2019Multifunctional binding chemistry on modified graphene composite for selective and highly efficient adsorption of mercuryYap, P.L.; Kabiri, S.; Tran, D.N.H.; Losic, D.
2019Free-standing PEDOT/polyaniline conductive polymer hydrogel for flexible solid-state supercapacitorsYang, Z.; Ma, J.; Bai, B.; Qiu, A.; Losic, D.; Shi, D.; Chen, M.
2019Engineering of high-performance potassium-ion capacitors using polyaniline-derived N-doped carbon nanotubes anode and laser scribed graphene oxide cathodeMoussa, M.; Al-Bataineh, S.A.; Losic, D.; Dubal, D.P.
2019MoS₂/graphene composites as promising materials for energy storage and conversion applicationsWang, H.; Tran, D.; Qian, J.; Ding, F.; Losic, D.
2019Titania nanotube-based protein delivery system to inhibit cranial bone regeneration in Crouzon model of craniosynostosisBariana, M.; Kaidonis, J.A.; Losic, D.; Ranjitkar, S.; Anderson, P.J.
2019Addressing challenges in providing a reliable ecotoxicology data for graphene-oxide (GO) using an algae (Raphidocelis subcapitata), and the trophic transfer consequence of GO-algae aggregatesMarkovic, M.; Andelkovic, I.; Shuster, J.; Janik, L.; Kumar, A.; Losic, D.; McLaughlin, M.J.
2019Facile synthesis of ternary graphene nanocomposites with doped metal oxide and conductive polymers as electrode materials for high performance supercapacitorsIshaq, S.; Moussa, M.; Kanwal, F.; Ehsan, M.; Saleem, M.; Ngo, T.; Losic, D.