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20203D printing of cell-laden electroconductive bioink for tissue engineering applicationTung, T.T.; Rastin, H.; Zhang, B.; Bi, J.; Hassan, K.; Losic, D.
2020Mg–Al-layered double hydroxide (LDH) modified diatoms for highly efficient removal of Congo Red from aqueous solutionSriram, G.; Uthappa, U.T.; Losic, D.; Kigga, M.; Jung, H.Y.; Kurkuri, M.D.
2020Improved preparation of MoS₂/graphene composites and their inks for supercapacitors applicationsWang, H.; Tran, D.; Moussa, M.; Stanley, N.J.; Tung, T.T.; Yu, L.; Yap, P.L.; Ding, F.; Qian, J.; Losic, D.
2020Nitrogen-doped phosphorene for electrocatalytic ammonia synthesisXu, G.; Li, H.; Bati, A.S.R.; Bat-Erdene, M.; Nine, M.J.; Losic, D.; Chen, Y.; Shapter, J.G.; Batmunkh, M.; Ma, T.
2020Metal halide perovskite@metal-organic framework hybrids: synthesis, design, properties, and applicationsYadav, S.K.; Grandhi, G.K.; Dubal, D.P.; de Mello, J.C.; Otyepka, M.; Zbořil, R.; Fischer, R.A.; Jayaramulu, K.
2020Recycle, recover and repurpose strategy of spent Li-ion batteries and catalysts: current status and future opportunitiesGarole, D.J.; Hossain, R.; Garole, V.J.; Sahajwalla, V.; Nerkar, J.; Dubal, D.P.
2020Cross-overlapped flat-silver/hexagonal boron nitride for translucent heat-reflective coatingsNine, M.J.; Hee, A.C.; Tung, T.T.; Hassan, K.; Losic, D.
2020True meaning of pseudocapacitors and their performance metrics: asymmetric versus hybrid supercapacitorsChodankar, N.R.; Pham, H.D.; Nanjundan, A.K.; Fernando, J.F.S.; Jayaramulu, K.; Golberg, D.; Han, Y.-K.; Dubal, D.P.
2020Dielectric properties of graphene/titania/polyvinylidene fluoride (G/TiO2/PVDF) nanocompositesIshaq, S.; Kanwal, F.; Atiq, S.; Moussa, M.; Azhar, U.; Losic, D.
2020Surface oxidized two-dimensional antimonene nanosheets for electrochemical ammonia synthesis under ambient conditionsBat-Erdene, M.; Xu, G.; Batmunkh, M.; Bati, A.S.R.; White, J.J.; Nine, M.J.; Losic, D.; Chen, Y.; Wang, Y.; Ma, T.; Shapter, J.G.