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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Graphene‐based sorbents for multipollutants removal in water: a review of recent progressYap, P.L.; Nine, M.J.; Hassan, K.; Tung, T.T.; Tran, N.H.D.; Losic, D.
2021Graphene ink for 3D extrusion micro printing of chemo-resistive sensing devices for volatile organic compound detectionHassan, K.; Tung, T.T.; Stanley, N.; Yap, P.L.; Farivar, F.; Rastin, H.; Nine, M.J.; Losic, D.
2021Fractal design for advancing the performance of chemoresistive sensorsHassan, K.; Tung, T.T.; Yap, P.L.; Rastin, H.; Stanley, N.; Nine, M.J.; Losic, D.
2020Fast response hydrogen gas sensor based on Pd/Cr nanogaps fabricated by a single-step bending deformationHassan, K.; Tung, T.T.; Yap, P.L.; Nine, M.J.; Kim, H.C.; Losic, D.
2020All-in-one bioinspired multifunctional graphene biopolymer foam for simultaneous removal of multiple water pollutantsYap, P.L.; Hassan, K.; Auyoong, Y.L.; Mansouri, N.; Farivar, F.; Tran, D.N.H.; Losic, D.
2020Functional inks and extrusion-based 3D printing of 2D materials: a review of current research and applicationsHassan, K.; Nine, M.J.; Tung, T.T.; Stanley, N.; Yap, P.L.; Rastin, H.; Yu, L.; Losic, D.
2021Extrusion-Printed CNT–Graphene Sensor Array with Embedded MXene/PEDOT:PSS Heater for Enhanced NO₂ Sensing at Low TemperatureHassan, K.; Stanley, N.; Tung, T.T.; Yap, P.L.; Rastin, H.; Yu, L.; Losic, D.
2021Converging 2D nanomaterials and 3D bioprinting technology: state-of-the-art, challenges, and potential outlook in biomedical applicationsRastin, H.; Mansouri, N.; Tung, T.T.; Hassan, K.; Mazinani, A.; Ramezanpour, M.; Yap, P.L.; Yu, L.; Vreugde, S.; Losic, D.
2020Multithiol functionalized graphene bio-sponge via photoinitiated thiol-ene click chemistry for efficient heavy metal ions adsorptionYap, P.L.; Auyoong, Y.L.; Hassan, K.; Farivar, F.; Tran, D.N.H.; Ma, J.; Losic, D.