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Type: Journal article
Title: A review of the Spyridium eriocephalum complex (Rhamnaceae: Pomaderreae)
Author: Kellermann, J.
Clowes, C.
Bell, S.J.
Citation: Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, 2022; 36:75-88
Publisher: Board of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium, Adelaide
Issue Date: 2022
ISSN: 0313-4083
Statement of
Jürgen Kellermann, Catherine Clowes, Stephen A.J. Bell
Abstract: Spyridium eriocephalum Fenzl and related taxa are described and illustrated, following a recent molecular analysis of the genus. The variety of the species endemic to Kangaroo Island is raised to specific rank, as S. glabrisepalum (J.M.Black) Kellermann & C.Clowes. The following new taxa are published: Spyridium latifolium Kellermann from the Fleurieu Peninsula (S.A.) and S. undulifolium Kellermann & S.A.J.Bell from the Goulburn River area (N.S.W.). The population of an entity with historical collections close to the latter species requires re-collection and further examination before a decision can be made as to its status; it is provisionally given the phrase name Spyridium sp. Dingo Creek (T. Tame 1011) Kellermann. Spyridium eriocephalum s.str. is widespread, mainly in mallee areas of southern Australia, extending to the Central Mallee in New South Wales, an occurrence in the Victorian Alps, as well as two locations in Tasmania. A key to all taxa of the species-complex is provided.
Keywords: New species; typification; Rhamnaceae; Spyridium; New South Wales; South Australia; Tasmania; Victoria
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