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1995Changes in stable isotope ratios of metapelites and marbles during regional metamorphism, Mount Lofty Ranges, South Australia: Implications for crustal scale fluid flowCartwright, I.; Vry, J.; Sandiford, Michael Andrew
1995Character and interpretation of the regolith exposed at Point Drummond, west coast of Eyre Peninsula, South AustraliaMolina Ballesteros, E.; Campbell, E.; Bourne, J.; Twidale, C.
2014Characterisation of induced fracture networks within an enhanced geothermal system using anisotropic electromagnetic modellingMacFarlane, J.; Thiel, S.; Pek, J.; Peacock, J.; Heinson, G.
2018Characteristics and genesis of the Mnogovershinnoe gold-silver deposit, SE RussiaKhomich, V.; Boriskina, N.; Fatyanov, I.; Santosh, M.
2010Charles Fenner and early landform studies in South AustraliaTwidale, C.
2001A chemostratigraphic overview of the late Cryogenian interglacial sequence in the Adelaide Fold-Thrust Belt, South AustraliaMcKirdy, D.; Burgess, J.; Lemon, N.; Yu, X.; Cooper, A.; Gostin, V.; Jenkins, R.; Both, R.
2012Chemostratigraphy and the Neoproterozoic glaciationsHalverson, Galen Pippa; Shields-Zhou, Graham
2013Chromium isotope variations (δ⁵³/⁵²Cr) in mantle-derived sources and their weathering products: Implications for environmental studies and the evolution of δ⁵³/⁵²Cr in the Earth's mantle over geologic timeFarkaš, J.; Chrastný, V.; Novák, M.; Čadkova, E.; Pašava, J.; Chakrabarti, R.; Jacobsen, S.; Ackerman, L.; Bullen, T.
2013Chronology and stratigraphy of the Wet Cave vertebrate fossil deposit, Naracoorte, and relationship to paleoclimatic conditions of the Last Glacial Cycle in south-eastern AustraliaMacken, A.; McDowell, M.; Bartholomeusz, D.; Reed, E.
2016Chronology and tectonic implications of Neoproterozoic blocks in the South Qinling Orogenic Belt, Central ChinaHu, F.; Liu, S.; Santosh, M.; Deng, Z.; Wang, W.; Zhang, W.; Yan, M.
2013The Cihai diabase in the Beishan region, NW China: isotope geochronology, geochemistry and implications for Cornwall-style iron mineralizationHou, T.; Zhang, Z.; Santosh, M.; Encarnacion, J.; Wang, M.
1995Clarifying temperature-pressure paths via structures in granulite from the Bolingen Islands, AntarcticaDirks, P.; Hand, M.
2008Climate change triggered sedimentation and progressive tectonic uplift in a coupled piedmont–axial system: Cuyama Valley, California, USADeLong, S.B.; Pelletier, J.D.; Arnold, L.J.
2017Clinopyroxenites (diopsidites) and metabasites from the East Sarmatian Orogen, East European CratonTerentiev, R.; Santosh, M.
2019Closed system behaviour of argon in osumilite records protracted high-T metamorphism within the Rogaland–Vest Agder Sector, NorwayBlereau, E.; Clark, C.; Jourdan, F.; Johnson, T.; Taylor, R.; Kinny, P.; Danišík, M.; Hand, M.; Eroglu, E.
2016Closing the gap: new data on the last documented Myotragus and the first human evidence on Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean Sea)Bover, P.; Valenzuela, A.; Torres, E.; Cooper, A.; Pons, J.; Alcover, J.
2019Combining finite strain analysis and illite crystallinity to examine strain variation in a shale detachment zoneHansberry, R.; Collins, A.; King, R.; Morley, C.; Löhr, S.
2018Combining geochemistry and geochronology of transported regolith to reveal bedrock-hosted mineralization in the arid east Wongatha area of south central Western AustraliaMorris, P.; Pillans, B.; Williams, F.; Spooner, N.; Krapf, C.; Kovacs, N.
1995Comment on The Neoproterozoic (1000-540 Ma) glacial intervals: No more snowball earth? by J.G. Meert and R. Van der VooWilliams, G.; Schmidt, P.; Embleton, B.
1995Comments on some southern Australian foraminifera and description of new genus ParredictaLi, Q.; McGowran, B.