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2001Age of desert dunes near Birdsville, southwest QueenslandTwidale, C.; Prescott, J.; Bourne, J.; Williams, F.
2019Age, origin and palaeogeography of the Southern Irumide Belt, ZambiaAlessio, B.L.; Collins, A.S.; Clark, C.; Glorie, S.M.; Siegfried, P.; Taylor, R.
2015Alkaline basalts in the Karamay ophiolitic mélange, NW China: a geological, geochemical and geochronological study and implications for geodynamic settingYang, G.; Li, Y.; Santosh, M.; Xiao, W.; Yang, B.; Tong, L.; Zhang, S.
2016Alteration at the Olympic Dam IOCG–U deposit: insights into distal to proximal feldspar and phyllosilicate chemistry from infrared reflectance spectroscopyMauger, A.; Ehrig, K.; Kontonikas-Charos, A.; Ciobanu, C.; Cook, N.; Kamenetsky, V.
1998Alteration of Cenozoic cool-water carbonates to low-Mg calcite in marine waters, Gambier Embayment, South AustraliaKyser, T.; James, N.; Bone, Y.
2014Alteration of the damiao anorthosite complex in the northern North China Craton: implications for high-grade iron mineralizationLi, H.; Li, L.; Zhang, Z.; Santosh, M.; Liu, M.; Cui, Y.; Yang, X.; Chen, J.; Yao, T.
2018Amber inclusions from New ZealandSchmidt, A.; Kaulfuss, U.; Bannister, J.; Baranov, V.; Beimforde, C.; Bleile, N.; Borkent, A.; Busch, A.; Conran, J.; Engel, M.; Harvey, M.; Kennedy, E.; Kerr, P.; Kettunen, E.; Kiecksee, A.; Lengeling, F.; Lindqvist, J.; Maraun, M.; Mildenhall, D.; Perrichot, V.; et al.
2011Ammonoid diversity and disparity track episodes of chaotic carbon cycling during the early MesozoicWhiteside, J.; Ward, P.
2001Analogue modelling of segregation and ascent of magmaBons, Paul D.; Elburg, Marlina Augusta; Dougherty-Page, Jon Stanley
2009Analysis of hydrographic and stable isotope data to determine water masses, circulation, and mixing in the eastern Great Australian BightRichardson, L.; Kyser, T.; James, N.; Bone, Y.
2017Analytical model of plugging zone strength for drill-in fluid loss control and formation damage prevention in fractured tight reservoirXu, C.; Kang, Y.; Chen, F.; You, Z.
2013Anatomy of a large Ag-Pb-Zn deposit in the Great Xing'an Range, northeast China: metallogeny associated with Early Cretaceous magmatismOuyang, H.; Mao, J.; Santosh, M.
2018Anatomy of impactites and shocked zircon grains from Dhala reveals Paleoproterozoic meteorite impact in the Archean basement rocks of Central IndiaLi, S.; Keerthy, S.; Santosh, M.; Singh, S.; Deering, C.; Satyanarayanan, M.; Praveen, M.; Aneeshkumar, V.; Indu, G.; Anilkumar, Y.; Sajinkumar, K.
2017Anatomy of the Archean Anshan iron ore belt in the North China Craton: a geophysical approachXue, L.; Dai, C.; Zhu, M.; Santosh, M.; Liu, Z.
2015Anatomy of zircon growth in high pressure granulites: SIMS U-Pb geochronology and Lu-Hf isotopes from the Jiaobei Terrane, eastern North China CratonZhao, L.; Li, T.; Peng, P.; Guo, J.; Wang, W.; Wang, H.; Santosh, M.; Zhai, M.
2018Ancient fluid flow recorded by remarkably long, buried pockmark trains observed in 3D seismic data, Exmouth Plateau, Northern Carnarvon BasinVelayatham, T.; Holford, S.; Bunch, M.
2012Andean-type orogeny in the Himalayas of south Tibet: implications for early Paleozoic tectonics along the Indian margin of GondwanaWang, X.; Zhang, J.; Santosh, M.; Liu, J.; Yan, S.; Guo, L.
1995The Angas Zn-Pb-Ag deposit in the Kanmantoo Group, South Australia: Synsedimentary or metamorphic?Both, R. A.; McElhinney, R.; Toteff, S.
2018Anorthosites from an Archean continental arc in the Dharwar Craton, southern India: implications for terrane assembly and cratonizationSantosh, M.; Li, S.
2018Anoxic to suboxic Mesoproterozoic ocean: evidence from iron isotope and geochemistry of siderite in the Banded Iron Formations from North Qilian, NW ChinaYang, X.; Zhang, Z.; Santosh, M.; Duan, S.; Liang, T.