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2012The influence of authigenic clay formation on the mineralogy and stable isotopic record of lacustrine carbonatesBristow, T.; Kennedy, M.; Morrison, K.; Mrofka, D.
1997Influence of basin architechture on the style of inversion and fold-thrust belt tectonics - the southern Adelaide Fold-Trust Belt, South AustraliaFlottmann, Thomas; James, P.
2013Influence of copper resistance determinants on gold transformation by Cupriavidus metallidurans strain CH34Wiesemann, N.; Mohr, J.; Grosse, C.; Herzberg, M.; Hause, G.; Reith, F.; Nies, D.
1998The influence of fracture stiffness and the in situ stress field on the closure of natural fracturesHillis, R.
2012Influence of geogenic factors on microbial communities in metallogenic Australian soilsReith, F.; Brugger, J.; Zammit, C.; Gregg, A.; Goldfarb, K.; Andersen, G.; DeSantis, T.; Piceno, Y.; Brodie, E.; Lu, Z.; He, Z.; Zhou, J.; Wakelin, S.
2013Inhomogeneous lithospheric thinning in the central North China Craton: zircon U-Pb and S-He-Ar isotopic record from magmatism and metallogeny in the Taihang MountainsLi, S.; Santosh, M.; Zhang, H.; Shen, J.; Dong, G.; Wang, J.; Zhang, J.
2013Insights into the early Tibetan plateau from (U-Th)/He thermochronologyDai, J.; Wang, C.; Hourigan, J.; Santosh, M.
2015Integrated and explicit boundary conditions of electromagnetic fields at arbitrary interfaces between two anisotropic mediaZhou, B.; Heinson, G.; Rivera-Rios, A.
2018Integrated elemental and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf isotopic studies of Mesozoic mafic dykes from the eastern North China Craton: implications for the dramatic transformation of lithospheric mantleLiu, S.; Feng, C.; Santosh, M.; Feng, G.; Coulson, I.; Xu, M.; Guo, Z.; Guo, X.; Peng, H.; Feng, Q.
2011Integration of In-Situ Stress Analysis and Three-Dimensional Seismic Mapping to Understand Fracture Networks in Australian BasinsKing, R.; Abul Khair, H.; Bailey, A.; Backe, G.; Holford, S.; Hand, M.; Australian Geothermal Energy Conference (4th : 2011 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2012Integration of macrofossil biostratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy for the Pacific Coast Upper Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian) of North America and implications for correlation with the Western Interior and TethysWard, P.; Haggart, J.; Mitchell, R.; Kirschvink, J.; Tobin, T.
2002Interactions of microorganisms with gold in Regolith materials from a gold mine near Mogo in south eastern New South WalesReith, F.; CRC LEME short regolith conference - Regolith and Landscapes in Eastern Australia (21-22 Nov. 2002 : Canberra , ACT, Australia)
1999Interplate deformation in central Australia, the link between subsidence and fault reactivation.Hand, M.; Sandiford, M.
2014Interplay of deformation and magmatism in the Pangong Transpression Zone, eastern Ladakh, India: implications for remobilization of the trans-Himalayan magmatic arc and initiation of the Karakoram FaultSen, K.; Mukherjee, B.; Collins, A.
2006Interpretation of palaeoweathering features and successive silicifications in the Tertiary regolith of inland AustraliaThiry, M.; Milnes, A.R.; Rayot, V.; Simon-Coincon, R.
2013Interseismic coupling, stress evolution, and earthquake slip on the Sunda megathrustNalbant, S.; McCloskey, J.; Steacy, S.; NicBhloscaidh, M.; Murphy, S.
2012Intracontinental deformation in a frontier of super-convergence: a perspective on the tectonic milieu of the South China BlockLi, S.; Santosh, M.; Zhao, G.; Zhang, G.; Jin, C.
2018Intracontinental orogeny enhanced by far-field extension and local weak crustSilva, D.; Piazolo, S.; Daczko, N.; Houseman, G.; Raimondo, T.; Evans, L.
2013The intraplate character of supercontinent tectonicsAitken, A.; Raimondo, T.; Capitanio, F.
2017Intraplate earthquakes and their link with mantle dynamics: Insights from P-wave teleseismic tomography along the northern part of the North-South Tectonic Zone in ChinaHe, C.; Santosh, M.