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2014Backarc mafic-ultramafic magmatism in Northeastern Vietnam and its regional tectonic significanceThanh, N.; Hai, T.; Hoang, N.; Lan, V.; Kwon, S.; Itaya, T.; Santosh, M.
2016Background seismicity in Boso Peninsula, Japan: long-term acceleration, and relationship with slow slip eventsReverso, T.; Marsan, D.; Helmstetter, A.; Enescu, B.
1998Bamfordite Fe3+Mo2O6(OH)3.H2O a new hydrated ferric molybdate from Bamford, Queensland. Description and crystal structureBirch, W.; Pring, A.; McBriar, E.; Gatehouse, B.; McCammon, C.
1999Bariosincosite, a new hydrated barium vanadium phosphate, from the Spring Creek Mine, South Australia.Koltsch, U.; Birch, W.; Beyer, B.; Elliott, P.; Ayyappan, P.; Ramanan, A.; Pring, A.
2013Bayesian age-depth modelling of Late Quaternary deposits from Wet and Blanche Caves, Naracoorte, South Australia: a framework for comparative faunal analysesMacken, A.; Staff, R.; Reed, E.
2014Bedrock weathering and stream water chemistry in felsic and ultramafic forest catchmentsKram, P.; Farkas, J.; Pereponova, A.; Nwaogu, C.; Stedra, V.; Hruska, J.
2013The Beiminghe skarn iron deposit, eastern China: geochronology, isotope geochemistry and implications for the destruction of the North China CratonShen, J.; Santosh, M.; Li, S.; Zhang, H.; Yin, N.; Dong, G.; Wang, Y.; Ma, G.; Yu, H.
2007Billeroo North alkaline magmatic complex: geology and economic significanceRutherford, L.; Burtt, A.; Hatch, K.; Hand, M.; Foden, J.
2018Biogeochemical expression of buried iron-oxide‑copper‑gold (IOCG) mineral systems in mallee eucalypts on the Yorke Peninsula, southern Olympic Domain; South AustraliaWolff, K.; Hill, S.; Tiddy, C.; Giles, D.; Smernik, R.
1997Biogeographic impact of the Leeuwin Current in southern Australia since the late middle EoceneMcGowran, B.; Li, Q.; Cann, J.; Padley, D.; McKirdy, D.; Shafik, S.
2018Biological and geochemical development of placer gold deposits at Rich Hill, Arizona, USAMelchiorre, E.; Orwin, P.; Reith, F.; Rea, M.; Yahn, J.; Allison, R.
2016Biomarker case-detection and prediction with potential for functional psychosis screening: development and validation of a model related to biochemistry, sensory neural timing and end organ performanceFryar-Williams, S.; Strobel, J.
1995Biomarker geochemistry of the Early Cambrian oil show in Wilkatana-1: Implications for oil generation in the Arrowie and Stansbury BasinsMcKirdy, D.
2001Bioremediation of acid mine drainage using decomposable plant material in a constant flow bioreactorHarris, M. A.; Ragusa, S. R.
2017bíogo/hts: high throughput sequence handling for the Go languageKortschak, R.; Pedersen, B.; Adelson, D.
1999Bleasdaleite, a new mineral from Lake Boga, Victoria, AustraliaBirch, W.; Koltsch, U.; Pring, A.
2010Block-iterative and string-averaging projection algorithms in proton computed tomography image reconstructionPenfold, S.; Schulte, R.; Censor, Y.; Bashkirov, V.; McAllister, S.; Schubert, K.; Rosenfeld, A.
1995Blue-green algae. Environment South AustraliaJenkins, R. J. F.
2014Bolla Bollana boulder beds: a Neoproterozoic trough mouth fan in South Australia?Le Heron, D.; Busfield, M.; Collins, A.
2015Bootstrap resampling as a tool for uncertainty analysis in 2-D magnetotelluric inversion modellingSchnaidt, S.; Heinson, G.