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2013C-O isotope geochemistry of the Dashiqiao magnesite belt, North China Craton: implications for the Great Oxidation Event and ore genesisTang, H.; Chen, Y.; Santosh, M.; Zhong, H.; Wu, G.; Lai, Y.
2012Calcium isotopic ratios and rare earth element abundances in refractory inclusions from the Allende CV3 chondriteHuang, S.; Farkaš, J.; Yu, G.; Petaev, M.; Jacobsen, S.
2012Calcrete and plant inter-relationships for the expression of concealed mineralization at the Tunkillia gold prospect, central Gawler Craton, Australiavan der Hoek, B.; Hill, S.; Dart, R.
1983Calcretes in AustraliaMilnes, A.; Hutton, J.
2016Cambrian high-temperature reworking of the Rayner-Eastern ghats terrane: constraints from the Northern Prince Charles Mountains region, East AntarcticaMorrissey, L.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.; Wade, B.
2015Can we infer vegetation change from peat carbon and nitrogen content? A palaeoecological test from Tasmania, AustraliaFletcher, M.; Cadd, H.; Haberle, S.
2018Capturing the Mesoarchean emergence of continental crust in the Coorg Block, southern IndiaRoberts, N.; Santosh, M.
2008Carbon isotope excursions and the oxidant budget of the Ediacaran atmosphere and oceanBristow, T.; Kennedy, M.
2014Carbonate- and silicate-rich globules in the kimberlitic rocks of northwestern Tarim large igneous province, NW China: evidence for carbonated mantle sourceCheng, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Santosh, M.; Hou, T.; Zhang, D.
2018Carboniferous continental arc in the Hegenshan accretionary belt: Constrains from plutonic complex in central Inner MongoliaWei, R.; Gao, Y.; Xu, S.; Santosh, M.; Xin, H.; Zhang, Z.; Li, W.; Liu, Y.
2018Carboniferous porphyry Cu-Au deposits in the Almalyk orefield, Uzbekistan: the Sarycheku and Kalmakyr examplesCheng, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Chai, F.; Hou, T.; Santosh, M.; Turesebekov, A.; Nurtaev, B.
2006Case studies on the performance and characterisation of the froth phase in industrial flotation circuitsTsatouhas, G.; Grano, S.; Vera, M.
2016Catchment-scale denudation and chemical erosion rates determined from ¹⁰Be and mass balance geochemistry (Mt. Lofty Ranges of South Australia)Bestland, E.; Liccioli, C.; Soloninka, L.; Chittleborough, D.; Fink, D.
1995Cathodoluminescence of aragonitic gastropods and cement in Old Man Lake thrombolites, south-eastern South AustraliaMazzoleni, A.; Bone, Y.; Gostin, V.
1995Cenozoic cool-water carbonates of the Great Australian Bight:reading the record of Southern Ocean evolution, sealevel, paleoclimate and biogenic production: Revised ODP Proposal - December 1994Feary, D.; James, N.; McGowran, B.
2012Cenozoic faulting of the Bohai Bay Basin and its bearing on the destruction of the eastern North China CratonLi, S.; Zhao, G.; Dai, L.; Zhou, L.; Liu, X.; Suo, Y.; Madhava Warrier, S.
2016Cenozoic forearc gabbros from the northern zone of the Eastern Pontides Orogenic Belt, NE Turkey: implications for slab window magmatism and convergent margin tectonicsEyuboglu, Y.; Dudas, F.; Madhava Warrier, S.; Zhu, D.; Yi, K.; Chatterjee, N.; Jeong, Y.; Akaryali, E.; Liu, Z.
2014Cenozoic tectono-magmatic and metallogenic processes in the Sanjiang region, southwestern ChinaDeng, J.; Wang, Q.; Li, G.; Santosh, M.
2012Cessation of a productive coastal upwelling system in the Panthalassic Ocean at the Permian-Triassic BoundarySchoepfer, S.; Henderson, C.; Garrison, G.; Ward, P.
1995Changes in stable isotope ratios of metapelites and marbles during regional metamorphism, Mount Lofty Ranges, South Australia: Implications for crustal scale fluid flowCartwright, I.; Vry, J.; Sandiford, Michael Andrew