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2014H-O, S and Pb isotope geochemistry of the Awanda gold deposit in southern Tianshan, Central Asian orogenic belt: implications for fluid regime and metallogenyDing, Q.; Wu, C.; Santosh, M.; Fu, Y.; Dong, L.; Qu, X.; Gu, L.
2014Hadean to Neoarchean episodic crustal growth: Detrital zircon records in Paleoproterozoic quartzites from the southern North China CratonZhang, H.; Wang, J.; Zhou, D.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, G.; Santosh, M.; Yu, H.; Zhang, J.
2018A hafnium isotopic record of magmatic arcs and continental growth in the Iapetus Ocean: The contrasting evolution of Ganderia and the peri-Laurentian marginHenderson, B.; Collins, W.; Brendan Murphy, J.; Hand, M.
1995Hammer-induced seismic investigations in an area of observed anisotropySquire, S.; Hillis, R.; Rutty, M.
2013A heat flow based cooling model for tectonic platesHasterok, D.
1995A heat refraction mechanism for Low-P metamorphism in the northern Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaMildren, Scott Douglas; Sandiford, Michael Andrew
2012Hematite/Maghemite trace element geochemistry in base metal explorationSchmidt Mumm, Andreas; Dart, Robert Charles; Marshallsay, Patrick George
2019Heterogeneity and incorporation of chromium isotopes in recent marine molluscs (Mytilus)Bruggmann, S.; Klaebe, R.M.; Paulukat, C.; Frei, R.
2019Heterogeneity of the sub-continental lithospheric mantle and 'non-juvenile' mantle additions to a Proterozoic silicic large igneous provinceWade, C.; Payne, J.; Barovich, K.; Reid, A.
2016Heterogeneous Pb isotope composition in the Archean lower crust of the North China Craton induced by Cenozoic basaltic magma underplatingZhang, Y.; Zhang, H.; Bao, Z.; Santosh, M.; Yuan, H.
2012Hf isotopic characteristics of the Tarim Permian large igneous province rocks of NW China: implication for the magmatic source and evolutionLi, Z.; Li, Y.; Chen, H.; Santosh, M.; Yang, S.; Xu, Y.; Langmuir, C.; Chen, Z.; Yu, X.; Zou, S.
1998High geothermal gradient metamorphism during thermal subsidenceSandiford, M.; Hand, M.; McLaren, S.
2018High magnesian granitoids in the Precambrian continental crust: implication for the continuum between ferro-potassic and magnesio-potassic rock suitesTerentiev, R.; Santosh, M.
1999High radiogenic heat-producing granites and metamorphism-An example from the western Mount Isa inlier, Australia.McLaren, S.; Sandiford, M.; Hand, M.
2018High resolution facies architecture and digital outcrop modeling of the Sandakan formation sandstone reservoir, Borneo: implications for reservoir characterization and flow simulationSiddiqui, N.; Ramkumar, M.; Rahman, A.; Mathew, M.; Santosh, M.; Sum, C.; Menier, D.
2012High Sr/Y magmas generated through crystal fractionation: evidence from Mesozoic volcanic rocks in the northern Taihang orogen, North China CratonGao, Y.; Santosh, M.; Hou, Z.; Wei, R.; Ma, G.; Chen, Z.; Wu, J.
2016High-grade metamorphism during Archean-Paleoproterozoic transition associated with microblock amalgamation in the North China Craton: mineral phase equilibria and zircon geochronologyYang, Q.; Santosh, M.; Tsunogae, T.
2008High-grade Paleoproterozoic reworking in the southeastern Gawler Craton, South AustraliaDutch, R.; Hand, M.; Kinny, P.
2017High-pressure pelitic granulites from the Jiao-Liao-Ji Belt, North China Craton: a complete P-T path and its tectonic implicationsZou, Y.; Zhai, M.; Santosh, M.; Zhou, L.; Zhao, L.; Lu, J.; Shan, H.
2012High-resolution geochemical record of fluid-rock interaction in a mid-crustal shear zone: a comparative study of major element and oxygen isotope transport in garnetRaimondo, T.; Clark, C.; Hand, M.; Cliff, J.; Harris, C.