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2014The mafic-ultramafic complex of Aniyapuram, Cauvery Suture Zone, southern India: Petrological and geochemical constraints for Neoarchean suprasubduction zone tectonicsYellappa, T.; Venkatasivappa, V.; Koizumi, T.; Chetty, T.; Santosh, M.; Tsunogae, T.
1996Magma mingling in late-Delamerian A-type granites at mannum, South AustraliaTurner, S.; Foden, J.
2016Magma mixing in the Kalaqin core complex, northern North China Craton: linking deep lithospheric destruction and shallow extensionFu, L.; Wei, J.; Tan, J.; Santosh, M.; Zhang, D.; Chen, J.; Li, Y.; Zhao, S.; Peng, L.
2013Magma source and tectonics of the Xiangshanzhong mafic-ultramafic intrusion in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt, NW China, traced from geochemical and isotopic signaturesTang, D.; Qin, K.; Su, B.; Sakyi, P.; Liu, Y.; Mao, Q.; Santosh, M.; Ma, Y.
2019Magmatic and hydrothermal zircon growth during multiple orogenic cycles in an evolving mantle wedgeWang, J.; Santosh, M.; Li, S.; Kim, S.
2017Magmatic and metasomatic imprints in a long-lasting subduction zone: evidence from zircon in rodingite and serpentinite of Kochi, SW JapanHu, C.; Santosh, M.; Yang, Q.; Kim, S.; Nakagawa, M.; Maruyama, S.
2017Magmatic zircon Lu–Hf isotopic record of juvenile addition and crustal reworking in the Gawler Craton, AustraliaReid, A.; Payne, J.
2013Magmatism and metallogeny associated with mantle upwelling: zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf constraints from the gold-mineralized Jinchang granite, NE ChinaZhang, H.; Li, S.; Santosh, M.; Liu, J.; DiWu, C.; Zhang, H.
2019Magmatism and metamorphism at ca. 1.45 Ga in the northern Gawler Craton: the Australian record of rifting within Nuna (Columbia)Morrissey, L.; Barovich, K.; Hand, M.; Howard, K.; Payne, J.
2018Magnesium isotopic composition of continental arc andesites and the implications: a case study from the El Laco volcanic complex, ChileXie, Q.; Zhang, Z.; Campos, E.; Cheng, Z.; Fei, X.; Liu, B.; Qiu, Y.; Santosh, M.; Ke, S.; Xu, L.
1995Magnetic signature and morphology of the Acraman impact structureWilliams, G.
1996Magnetic signature and morphology of the Acraman impact structure, South AustraliaWilliams, G.; Schmidt, P.; Boyd, D.
1995Magnetic signature and morphology of the Acraman impact structure, South Australia.Australian Geological Survey OrganisationWilliams, G.; Schmidt, P.; Boyd, D.
2016Magnetic susceptibility of Middle Ordovician sedimentary rocks, Pakri Peninsula, NW EstoniaPlado, J.; Ainsaar, L.; Dmitrijeva, M.; Põldsaar, K.; Ots, S.; Pesonen, L.; Preeden, U.
2019Magnetite chemistry and implications for the magmatic-hydrothermal ore-forming process: an example from the Devonian Yuleken porphyry Cu system, NW ChinaWu, C.; Chen, H.; Hong, W.; Li, D.; Liang, P.; Fang, J.; Zhang, L.; Lai, C.
2018Magnetite-apatite deposit from Sri Lanka: implications on Kiruna-type mineralization associated with ultramafic intrusion and mantle metasomatismHe, X.; Santosh, M.; Tsunogae, T.; Malaviarachchi, S.
2011Magnetotelluric constraints on the tectonic setting of Grenville-aged orogenesis in central AustraliaSelway, K.; Hand, M.; Payne, J.; Heinson, G.; Reid, A.
2015Magnetotelluric evidence for serpentinisation in a Cambrian subduction zone beneath the Delamerian Orogen, southeast AustraliaRobertson, K.; Taylor, D.; Thiel, S.; Heinson, G.
2014Magnetotelluric imaging of upper crustal partial melt at Tendaho graben in Afar, EthiopiaDidana, Y.; Thiel, S.; Heinson, G.
2016Magnetotelluric monitoring of coal seam gas depressurizationRees, N.; Heinson, G.; Krieger, L.