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2007Radiation monitoring and dose assessment at Ranger Uranium Mine, Australia, over 25 Years: A summary of findingsKlessa, D.; Bollhofer, A.; Marshman, I.; Milnes, A.; International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity: From measurements and assessments to regulation (23 Apr 2007 - 27 Apr 2007 : Vienna, Austria)
2014Raman spectroscopic characterization of H₂O in CO₂-rich fluid inclusions in granulite facies metamorphic rocksLamadrid, H.; Lamb, W.; Santosh, M.; Bodnar, R.
2002Rapid 2-D/3-D crosshole resistivity imaging using the analytic sensitivity functionZhou, B.; Greenhalgh, S.
2013Rapid eruption of the Ningwu volcanics in eastern China: response to Cretaceous subduction of the Pacific plateTang, Y.; Zhang, H.; Ying, J.; Su, B.; Li, X.; Santosh, M.
2013Rapid forearc spreading between 130 and 120Ma: evidence from geochronology and geochemistry of the Xigaze ophiolite, southern TibetDai, J.; Wang, C.; Polat, A.; Santosh, M.; Li, Y.; Ge, Y.
2017Rapid global ocean-atmosphere response to Southern Ocean freshening during the last glacialTurney, C.; Jones, R.; Phipps, S.; Thomas, Z.; Hogg, A.; Kershaw, A.; Fogwill, C.; Palmer, J.; Bronk Ramsey, C.; Adolphi, F.; Muscheler, R.; Hughen, K.; Staff, R.; Grosvenor, M.; Golledge, N.; Rasmussen, S.; Hutchinson, D.; Haberle, S.; Lorrey, A.; Boswijk, G.; et al.
1995Rb-Sr dating of differentiated cleavage from the Adelaidean metasediments at Hallett Cove, southern Adelaide Fold Belt: Reply to discussion by W.V. PreissTurner, S.; Sandiford, M.; Flottmann, T.; Foden, J.
2010A re-analysis of the Lake Suigetsu terrestrial radiocarbon calibration datasetStaff, R.; Bronk Ramsey, C.; Nakagawa, T.; Suigetsu 2006 Project Members
1998Re-assessment of the seismic stratigraphy of the Early Palaeozoic Stansbury basin Gulf St. Vincent, South AustraliaFlottmann, Thomas; Haines, Peter W.; Cockshell, C. D.; Preiss, Wolfgang Victor
2018A re-evaluation of the Kumta Suture in western peninsular India and its extension into MadagascarArmistead, S.; Collins, A.; Payne, J.; Foden, J.; De Waele, B.; Shaji, E.; Santosh, M.
2015Re-Os isotope systematics of Archean chromitites from the Chimalpahad Anorthosite Complex, south-east India: implications for mantle extraction processesDharma Rao, C.; Santosh, M.; Tang, Y.
2017Reappraising the P-T evolution of the Rogaland-Vest Agder Sector, southwestern NorwayBlereau, E.; Johnson, T.; Clark, C.; Taylor, R.; Kinny, P.; Hand, M.
2001Recent drilling in the Garford Palaeochannel, Gawler Craton - testing of a model derived from interpreted geological, geophysical and spectral methodsHou, B.; Frakes, L.; Dodds, S.
2013Recognition of ocean plate stratigraphy in accretionary orogens through Earth history: a record of 3.8billion years of sea floor spreading, subduction, and accretionKusky, T.; Windley, B.; Safonova, I.; Wakita, K.; Wakabayashi, J.; Polat, A.; Santosh, M.
2019Recognition of Pan-African-aged metamorphism in the Fisher Terrane, central Prince Charles Mountains, East AntarcticaDe Vries Van Leeuwen, A.; Morrissey, L.; Kelsey, D.; Raimondo, T.
2018Reconstructing the sedimentary history of Lezetxiki II cave (Basque Country, northern Iberian Peninsula) using micromorphological analysisArriolabengoa, M.; Iriarte, E.; Aranburu, A.; Yusta, I.; Arnold, L.; Demuro, M.; Arrizabalaga, A.
2007Reducing uncertainty in mineral flotation - flotation rate constant prediction for particles in an operating plant oreRalston, J.; Fornasiero, D.; Grano, S.; Duan, J.; Akroyd, T.
2004The reflectance spectra of opal-A (0.5 25 µm) from the Taupo Volcanic Zone: Spectra that may identify hydrothermal systems on planetary surfacesGoryniuk, Michelle Coreena; Rivard, Benoit A.; Jones, Brian
2001Reflections on the fate of some geomorphological ideasTwidale, C.
1995Regional depth-conversion of mapped seismic two-way-times in the Cooper-Eromanga BasinHillis, R.; Macklin, T.; Siffleet, P.