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2012SAGE at 30Baldridge, W.S.; Braile, L.W.; Biehler, S.; Jiracek, G.R.; Ferguson, J.F.; Hasterok, D.; Pellerin, L.; Bedrosian, P.A.; McPhee, D.K.; Snelson, C.M.
1997Sampling design for irrigated vineyards in the Riverland of South AustraliaBrooker, Peter Ian; Warren, Samantha K.
2000Scarp retreat, slope stability, and the evolution of piedmont assemblagesTwidale, C.
2014Scratch traces of large ediacara bilaterian animalsGehling, J.; Runnegar, B.; Droser, M.
2010A second generation multiplex PCR for typing strains of Neospora caninum using six DNA targetsAl-Qassab, S.; Reichel, M.; Ellis, J.
2017Secondary gold structures: relics of past biogeochemical transformations and implications for colloidal gold dispersion in subtropical environmentsShuster, J.; Reith, F.; Cornelis, G.; Parsons, J.; Parsons, J.; Southam, G.
2010Sediment sizes and sources in the cool-water, coastal environment of Adelaide, South AustraliaBone, Y.; Edwards, S.; Deer, L.; Campbell, E.
2014Sediment-infill volcanic breccia from the Neoarchean Shimoga greenstone terrane, western Dharwar Craton: implications on pyroclastic volcanism and sedimentation in an active continental marginManikyamba, C.; Saha, A.; Ganguly, S.; Santosh, M.; Lingadevaru, M.; Rajanikanta Singh, M.; Subba Rao, D.
1998Sedimentary thickness variations and deformation intensity during basin inversion in the Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaSandiford, Michael Andrew; Paul, E.; Flottmann, Thomas
1995Sedimentation and diagenesis of an Oligocene manganese deposit in a shallow sub-basin of the Paratethys:Thrace Basin, TurkeyOzturk, H.; Frakes, L.
2000Sedimentology and lithostratigraphy of Upper Eocene sponge-rich sediments, southern Western AustraliaGammon, P.; James, N.; Clarke, J.; Bone, Y.
1996Sedimentology of the Neoproterozoic Acraman impact-ejecta horizon, South AustraliaWallace, M.; Gostin, V.; Keays, R.
2013Seismic evidence for a geosuture between the Yangtze and Cathaysia Blocks, South ChinaHe, C.; Dong, S.; Santosh, M.; Chen, X.
2014Seismic evidence for plume-induced rifting in the Songliao Basin of Northeast ChinaHe, C.; Dong, S.; Chen, X.; Santosh, M.; Niu, S.
2013Seismic imaging of the deep structure under the Chinese volcanoes: an overviewLei, J.; Xie, F.; Fan, Q.; Santosh, M.
2015Seismic mapping and geomechanical analyses of faults within deep hot granites, a workflow for enhanced geothermal system projectsAbul Khair, H.; Cooke, D.; Hand, M.
2013Seismic reflection for hardrock mineral exploration: lessons from numerical modelingGreenhalgh, S.; Manukyan, E.
2002Seismic refraction mapping of fracture swarms in the Western Coalfield of New South Wales, AustraliaGreenhalgh, S.; Zhou, B.
2014Seismic structure of the Longmenshan area in SW China inferred from receiver function analysis: implications for future large earthquakesHe, C.; Dong, S.; Santosh, M.; Chen, X.
2009Selective flotation of carbon in the Pb-Zn carbonaceous sulphide ores of Century Mine, ZinifexGredelj, S.; Zanin, M.; Grano, S.