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1997The taphonomy and affinities of the problematic fossil Myoscolex from the Lower Cambrian Emu Bay shale of South Australia.Briggs, D. E. G.; Nedin, Christopher
2015The taxonomic status of Mazama bricenii and the significance of the Táchira Depression for mammalian endemism in the Cordillera de Mérida, VenezuelaGutiérrez, E.; Maldonado, J.; Radosavljevic, A.; Molinari, J.; Patterson, B.; Martínez-C, J.; Rutter, A.; Hawkins, M.; Garcia, F.; Helgen, K.
2019Technical note: Lithium isotopes in dolostone as a palaeo-environmental proxy - an experimental approachTaylor, H.; Kell Duivestein, I.; Farkas, J.; Dietzel, M.; Dosseto, A.
2001Tectonic evolution of Macquarie Island: extensional structures and block rotations in oceanic crustGoscombe, B.; Everard, J.
2012Tectonic evolution of the amdo terrane, central tibet: petrochemistry and zircon U-Pb geochronologyZhang, Z.; Dong, X.; Liu, F.; Lin, Y.; Yan, R.; Santosh, M.
2016Tectonic evolution of the North Qinling Orogen from subduction to collision and exhumation: evidence from zircons in metamorphic rocks of the Qinling GroupYu, H.; Zhang, H.; Li, X.; Zhang, J.; Santosh, M.; Yang, Y.; Zhou, D.
2001Tectonic evolution of the Reynolds-Anmatjira Ranges: a case study in terrain reworking from the Arunta Inlier, central AustraliaHand, M.; Buick, I.
2001Tectonic feedback, intraplate orogeny and the geochemical structure of the crust: a central Australian perspectiveSandiford, M.; Hand, M.; McLaren, S.
2007Tectonic framework and evolution of the Gawler craton, southern AustraliaHand, M.; Reid, A.; Jagodzinski, L.
2012Tectonic history of the Irtysh shear zone (NE Kazakhstan): new constraints from zircon U/Pb dating, apatite fission track dating and palaeostress analysisGlorie, S.; De Grave, J.; Delvaux, D.; Buslov, M.; Zhimulev, F.; Vanhaecke, F.; Elburg, M.; Van den Haute, P.
2011Tectonic history of the Kyrgyz South Tien Shan (Atbashi-Inylchek) suture zone: the role of inherited structures during deformation-propagationGlorie, S.; De Grave, J.; Buslov, M.; Zhimulev, F.; Stockli, D.; Batalev, V.; Izmer, A.; Van den Haute, P.; Vanhaecke, F.; Elburg, M.
1997Tectonic regime and the preservation of PalaeosurfacesTwidale, C.
2013Tectonics and geodynamics of Gorny Altai and adjacent structures of the Altai–Sayan folded areaBuslov, M.; Geng, H.; Travin, A.; Otgonbaatar, D.; Kulikova, A.; Ming, C.; Glorie, S.; Semakov, N.; Rubanova, E.; Abildaeva, M.; Voitishek, E.; Trofimova, D.
2018Tectono-thermal evolution of the southwestern Alxa Tectonic Belt, NW China: constrained by apatite U-Pb and fission track thermochronologySong, D.; Glorie, S.; Xiao, W.; Collins, A.; Gillespie, J.; Jepson, G.; Li, Y.
1998Temporal changes in arc magma geochemistry, northern Sulawesi, Indonesia.Elburg, M.; Foden, J.
2008Temporal constraints on the timing of high-grade metamorphism in the northern Gawler Craton: implications for assembly of the Australian ProterozoicPayne, J.; Hand, M.; Hatch, K.; Wade, B.
1995Terminal Proterozoic carbon isotope recordMcKirdy, D.; Jenkins, R.
2016Terrane boundary and spatio-temporal distribution of ore deposits in the Sanjiang Tethyan Orogen: insights from zircon Hf-isotopic mappingWang, C.; Bagas, L.; Lu, Y.; Santosh, M.; Du, B.; McCuaig, T.
1995Tertiary structuration and erosion of the Inner Moray FirthThomson, K.; Hillis, R.
2013Testing the terrestrial δ13C Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) chemostratigraphic markerGrandpre, R.; Schauer, A.; Samek, K.; Veeger, A.; Ward, P.; Fastovsky, D.