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2010Sediment sizes and sources in the cool-water, coastal environment of Adelaide, South AustraliaBone, Y.; Edwards, S.A.; Deer, L.; Campbell, E.
2012Prolonged carbonate diagenesis under an evolving late cenozoic climate; Nullarbor Plain, southern AustraliaMiller, C.; James, N.; Bone, Y.
2009Analysis of hydrographic and stable isotope data to determine water masses, circulation, and mixing in the eastern Great Australian BightRichardson, L.; Kyser, T.; James, N.; Bone, Y.
2012Oligo-Miocene seagrass-influenced carbonate sedimentation along a temperate marine palaeoarchipelago, Padthaway Ridge, South AustraliaRiordan, N.; James, N.; Bone, Y.
2012The Miocene Nullarbor Limestone, southern Australia; deposition on a vast subtropical epeiric platformO'Connell, L.; James, N.; Bone, Y.
2001Post-glacial biota from the inner part of southwest Joseph Bonaparte GulfClarke, J.; Bone, Y.; Cann, J.; Davies, M.; Macphail, M.; Wells, F.
1995Strontium and sulphur isotopes as tracers of flow systems in regional aquifers, south-western Murray Basin.Murray Darling Basin Commission, Wagga Wagga, NSWDogramaci, S.; Herczeg, A.; Bone, Y.
2001Isotopic signature of the diagenetic fluids and cement in the Tortachilla Limestone, South AustraliaRahimpour-Bonab, H.; Bone, Y.
1995Cool-water carbonate sedimentation, Great Australian Bight and phytoplankton productivityBone, Y.
2002Shallow burial dolomitization and dedolomitization of Cenozoic cool-water limestones, southern Australia: geochemistry and originKyser, T.; James, N.; Bone, Y.