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2009Analysis of hydrographic and stable isotope data to determine water masses, circulation, and mixing in the eastern Great Australian BightRichardson, L.; Kyser, T.; James, N.; Bone, Y.
2012Oligo-Miocene seagrass-influenced carbonate sedimentation along a temperate marine palaeoarchipelago, Padthaway Ridge, South AustraliaRiordan, N.; James, N.; Bone, Y.
2012The Miocene Nullarbor Limestone, southern Australia; deposition on a vast subtropical epeiric platformO'Connell, L.; James, N.; Bone, Y.
2000Quaternary bryozoan reef mounds in cool-water, upper slope environments: Great Australian BightJames, N.; Feary, D.; Surlyk, F.; Simo, J.; Betzler, C.; Holbourn, A.; Li, Q.; Matsuda, H.; Machiyama, H.; Brooks, G.; Andres, M.; Hine, A.; Malone, M.
2002Shallow burial dolomitization and dedolomitization of Cenozoic cool-water limestones, southern Australia: geochemistry and originKyser, T.; James, N.; Bone, Y.
2014Late Quaternary carbonate deposition at the bottom of the worldFrank, T.; James, N.; Bone, Y.; Malcolm, I.; Bobak, L.
2001Surficial sediments of the Great Australian Bight: Facies dynamics and oceanography on a vast cool-water carbonate shelfJames, N.; Bone, Y.; Collins, L.; Kyser, T.
2000Sedimentology and lithostratigraphy of Upper Eocene sponge-rich sediments, southern Western AustraliaGammon, P.; James, N.; Clarke, J.; Bone, Y.
2000An epeiric ramp: low-energy, cool-water carbonate facies in a tertiary inland sea, Murray Basin, South AustraliaLukasik, J.; James, N.; McGowran, B.; Bone, Y.
2000Eocene cool-water carbonate and biosiliceous sedimentation dynamics, St Vincent Basin, South AustraliaJames, N.; Bone, Y.