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2010A large volume cell for in situ neutron diffraction studies of hydrothermal crystallizationsXia, F.; Qian, G.; Brugger, J.; Studer, A.; Olsen, S.; Pring, A.
2011Replacement of pyrrhotite by pyrite and marcasite under hydrothermal conditions up to 220° C: An experimental study of reaction textures and mechanismsQian, G.; Xia, F.; Brugger, J.; Skinner, W.; Bei, J.; Chen, G.; Pring, A.
2012Mawson and the radium and uranium mineralisation at Mount Painter, Northern Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaPring, A.
1999Bariosincosite, a new hydrated barium vanadium phosphate, from the Spring Creek Mine, South Australia.Koltsch, U.; Birch, W.; Beyer, B.; Elliott, P.; Ayyappan, P.; Ramanan, A.; Pring, A.
2002HRTEM observations of structural and chemical modulations in cosalite and its relationship to the lillianite homologuesPring, A.; Etschmann, B.
2001The crystal chemistry of the sartorite group minerals from Lengenbach, Binntal, Switzerland - a HRTEM studyPring, A.
1998A convenient hydrothermal route for the synthesis of MxVOPO4·yH2O (M=Na and K)Ayyappan, P.; Ramanan, A.; Joy, P.; Pring, A.
1999Bleasdaleite, a new mineral from Lake Boga, Victoria, AustraliaBirch, W.; Koltsch, U.; Pring, A.
1999An update on the mineralogy of the Spring Creek mine, South Australia, including the new species Springcreekite, bariosincosite and TomaiteKoltsch, U.; Elliott, P.; Pring, A.
2002Decrespignyite-(Y), a new copper yttrium rare earth carbonate chloride hydrate from Paratoo, South AustraliaWallwork, K.; Kolitsch, U.; Pring, A.; Nasdala, L.