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2008Proterozoic (pre-Ediacaran) glaciation and the high obliquity, low-latitude ice, strong seasonality (HOLIST) hypothesis: Principles and testsWilliams, G.
1997Palaeomagnetic dating of sub-Torridon Group weathering profiles, NW Scotland: verification of Neoproterozoic palaeosols.Williams, G.; Schmidt, P.
1996Soft-sediment deformation structures from the Marinoan glacial succession, Adelaide foldbelt: implications for the palaeolatitude of late Neoproterozoic glaciation.Williams, G.
2011Ice, an asteroid impact & the rise of complex lifeGostin, V.; McKirdy, D.; Williams, G.
1996Origin and palaeomagnetism of the Mesoproterozoic Gangau tilloid (basal Vindhyan Supergroup), central IndiaWilliams, G.; Schmidt, P.
2000Mantle plume uplift in the sedimentary record: origin of kilometre-deep canyons within late neoproterozoic successions, South AustraliaWilliams, G.; Gostin, V.
1997Paleomagnetism of the Paleoproterozoic Gowganda and Lorrain formations, Ontario: low paleoatitude for Huronian glaciation.Williams, G.; Schmidt, P.
1995The Neoproterozoic climatic paradox: Equatorial palaeolatitude for Marinoan glaciation near sea level in South AustraliaSchmidt, P.; Williams, G.
1999Paleomagnetism of the Paleoproterozoic hematiitic breccia and paleosol at Ville-Marie, Quebec: futher evidence for the low paleolatitude of Huronian glaciaiton.Schmidt, P.; Williams, G.
1995Aeromagnetic images of the Acraman impact structureWilliams, G.; Boyd, D.; Schmidt, P.