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2011Contrasting Sr and Nd isotopic behaviour during magma mingling; new insights from the Mannum A-type granitePankhurst, M.; Vernon, R.; Turner, S.; Schaefer, B.; Foden, J.
2018A re-evaluation of the Kumta Suture in western peninsular India and its extension into MadagascarArmistead, S.; Collins, A.; Payne, J.; Foden, J.; De Waele, B.; Shaji, E.; Santosh, M.
2015Lead and Nd isotopic evidence for a crustal Pb source of the giant Broken Hill Pb-Zn-Ag deposit, New South Wales, AustraliaRaveggi, M.; Giles, D.; Foden, J.; Meffre, S.; Nicholls, I.; Raetz, M.
2002Granite production in the Delamerian Orogen, South AustraliaFoden, J.; Elburg, M.; Turner, S.; Sandiford, M.; O'Callaghan, J.; Mitchell, S.
2012U-Pb zircon crystallization age of the Muslim Bagh ophiolite: enigmatic remains of an extensive pre-Himalayan arcKakar, M.; Collins, A.; Mahmood, K.; Foden, J.; Khan, M.
2018Controls on the iron isotopic composition of global arc magmasFoden, J.; Sossi, P.; Nebel, O.
2017Tonian arc magmatism in central madagascar: the petrogenesis of the imorona-itsindro suiteArchibald, D.; Collins, A.; Foden, J.; Razakamanana, T.
2002The origins of fibrous veins: constraints from geochemistryElburg, M.; Bons, P.; Foden, J.; Passchier, C.
2018Cryogenian magmatism along the north-western margin of Laurentia: plume or rift?Cox, G.; Halverson, G.; Denyszyn, S.; Foden, J.; Macdonald, F.
2019The origin of the ultramafic rocks of the Tulu Dimtu Belt, western Ethiopia - do they represent remnants of the Mozambique Ocean?Blades, M.; Foden, J.; Collins, A.; Alemu, T.; Woldetinsae, G.