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1996Structure of the Fleurieu and Nackara arcs int he Adelaide fold-thrust belt, South Australia: salient and recess development in the Delamerian Orogen.Marshak, S.; Flottmann, Thomas
1998Sedimentary thickness variations and deformation intensity during basin inversion in the Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaSandiford, Michael Andrew; Paul, E.; Flottmann, Thomas
1997Influence of basin architechture on the style of inversion and fold-thrust belt tectonics - the southern Adelaide Fold-Trust Belt, South AustraliaFlottmann, Thomas; James, P.
1996Genetic Significance of Multiple Enclave Types in a Peraluminous Ignimbrite Suite, Lachlan Fold Belt, AustraliaElburg, Marlina Augusta
1998Re-assessment of the seismic stratigraphy of the Early Palaeozoic Stansbury basin Gulf St. Vincent, South AustraliaFlottmann, Thomas; Haines, Peter W.; Cockshell, C. D.; Preiss, Wolfgang Victor
1998Development of the early Paleozoic Pacific margin of Gondwana from detrital-zircon ages across the Delamerian orogenIreland, T. R.; Flottmann, Thomas; Fanning, C. M.; Gibson, G. M.; Preiss, Wolfgang Victor
1995Time-points within the Vendian, and the time-duration of the Ediacara faunaCompston, W.; Sambridge, M. S.; Reinfrank, Robert Franz; Moczydtowska, M.; Vidal, G.; Claesson, S.; Jenkins, R. J. F.; Cooper, J. A.
1995Focusing ridge-torques during continental collision in the Indo-Australian plateSandiford, Michael Andrew; Coblentz, David D.; Richardson, R. M.
1995A heat refraction mechanism for Low-P metamorphism in the northern Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaMildren, Scott Douglas; Sandiford, Michael Andrew
1995Burial history of the eastern Officer Basin, South AustraliaMoussavi-Harami, R.; Gravestock, D. I.