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1995Geochemistry and sulphur isotope characteristics of the sulphidic black shales from the Pechenga Group, Kola Peninsula, Russia: implications for genesis of the sulphide mineralizationAbzalov, M. Z.; Both, R. A.; Brewer, Tim S.
1996Palaeozoic basins of southern South Australia: New insights to their structural history from regional seismic data.Flottmann, Thomas; Cockshell, C. D.
1998First occurrence of the Ediacaran fossil Charnia from the southern hemisphereNedin, Christopher; Jenkins, R. J. F.
1997Iceberg rafting and scouring in the Early Permian Shoalhaven group of New South Wales, Australia: Evidence of Heinrich-like events?Eyles, N. E.; Eyles, C. H.; Gostin, V.
1997The nature of the Proterozoic-Cambrian transition in the northern Amadeus Basin, central Australia.McIlroy, D.; Jenkins, R. J.; Walter, Malcolm Ross
1995Observed phenotypic variation in a Paleozoic bryozoan:implications for microevolutionary and systematic studiesHageman, Steven J.
1995Description of metamorphic pressure-temperature-time paths in the Low-P High-T environmentStuwe, K.; Sandiford, Michael Andrew
1997The taphonomy and affinities of the problematic fossil Myoscolex from the Lower Cambrian Emu Bay shale of South Australia.Briggs, D. E. G.; Nedin, Christopher
1995The problems and potential of using animal fossils and trace fossils in terminal Proterozoic biostratigraphyJenkins, R. J. F.
1998Geological mapping of the Willyama Inliers in the Olary Block, South Australia using high resolution aeromagnetic data to target prospective horizonsHaidarian-Shahri, M.; Boyd, D. M.; Brooker, Peter Ian