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1997The Pechunga Ni-Cu deposits, Russia: data on PGE and Au distribution and sulphur isotope compositions.Abzalov, M. Z.; Both, R. A.
1996Mantle plumes, flood basalts, and thermal models for melt generation beneath continents: assessment of a conductive heating model and application to the ParanáTurner, S.; Hawkesworth, C.; Gallagher, K.; Stewart, K.; Peate, D.; Mantovani, M.
1996Evidence of isotopic equilibration between microgranitoid enclaves and host granodiorite, Warburton Granodiorite, Lachlan Fold Belt, Australia.Elburg, Marlina Augusta
1997Tookoonooka, a large buried early Cretaceous impact structure in the Eromanga Basin of southwestern Queensland, Australia.Gostin, V.; Therriault, A. M.
1995Arrowipora fromensis, a new genus and species of tabulate-like coral from the Early Cambrian Moorowie Formation, Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaFuller, M. K.; Jenkins, R. J. F.
1995Mantle lithospheric deformation and crustal metamorphism, with some speculations on the thermal and mechanical significance of the Tauern event, Eastern AlpsStuwe, K.; Sandiford, Michael Andrew
1995Linking Laboratory and In Situ Activation Analysis of Rock Forming Elements Using a 14 MeV Neutron SourceTruax, J.; Ypma, P. J.
1999Explicit expressions and numerical calcutations for the Frechet and second derivatives in 2.5D Helmholtz equation inversion.Zhou, B.; Greenhalgh, Stewart A.
1999A new kinematic method for mapping seismic reflectors.Zhe, J.; Greenhalgh, Stewart A.
19982.5-D modelling of seismic wave propagation: Boundary condition, stability criterion and efficiencyCao, S.; Greenhalgh, Stewart A.