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2017Mantle roots of the Emeishan plume: an evaluation based on teleseismic P-wave tomographyHe, C.; Santosh, M.
1998Fernenes and other triterpenoid hydrocarbons in Dicroidium-bearing Triassic mudstones and coals from South AustraliaPaull, R.; Michaelsen, B.; McKirdy, D.
2014Interplay of deformation and magmatism in the Pangong Transpression Zone, eastern Ladakh, India: implications for remobilization of the trans-Himalayan magmatic arc and initiation of the Karakoram FaultSen, K.; Mukherjee, B.; Collins, A.
2008Oxidation state of europium in scheelite: Tracking fluid-rock interaction in gold depositsBrugger, J.; Etschmann, B.; Pownceby, M.; Liu, W.; Grundler, P.; Brewe, D.
2019The origin of the ultramafic rocks of the Tulu Dimtu Belt, western Ethiopia - do they represent remnants of the Mozambique Ocean?Blades, M.; Foden, J.; Collins, A.; Alemu, T.; Woldetinsae, G.
2017A geochemical approach to distinguishing competing tectono-magmatic processes preserved in small eruptive centresMcGee, L.; Brahm, R.; Rowe, M.; Handley, H.; Morgado, E.; Lara, L.; Turner, M.; Vinet, N.; Parada, M.; Valdivia, P.
2019Age, origin and palaeogeography of the Southern Irumide Belt, ZambiaAlessio, B.L.; Collins, A.S.; Clark, C.; Glorie, S.M.; Siegfried, P.; Taylor, R.
2019Crystal chemistry of titanite from the Roxby Downs Granite, South Australia: insights into petrogenesis, subsolidus evolution and hydrothermal alterationKontonikas-Charos, A.; Ehrig, K.; Cook, N.; Ciobanu, C.
2019Technical note: Lithium isotopes in dolostone as a palaeo-environmental proxy - an experimental approachTaylor, H.; Kell Duivestein, I.; Farkas, J.; Dietzel, M.; Dosseto, A.
1999Bariosincosite, a new hydrated barium vanadium phosphate, from the Spring Creek Mine, South Australia.Koltsch, U.; Birch, W.; Beyer, B.; Elliott, P.; Ayyappan, P.; Ramanan, A.; Pring, A.