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2017Paleoproterozoic arc basalt-boninite-high magnesian andesite-Nb enriched basalt association from the Malangtoli volcanic suite, Singhbhum Craton, eastern India: geochemical record for subduction initiation to arc maturation continuumRajanikanta Singh, M.; Manikyamba, C.; Ganguly, S.; Ray, J.; Santosh, M.; Dhanakumar Singh, T.; Chandan Kumar, B.
2017Paleoproterozoic evolution of the arc–back-arc system in the east Sarmatian orogen (East European Craton): zircon shrimp geochronology and geochemistry of the Losevo volcanic suiteTerentiev, R.; Savko, K.; Santosh, M.
1996Magma mingling in late-Delamerian A-type granites at mannum, South AustraliaTurner, S.; Foden, J.
2019Mapping the Gawler Craton-Musgrave Province interface using integrated heat flow and magnetotelluricsPollett, A.; Thiel, S.; Bendall, B.; Raimondo, T.; Hand, M.
2019Monazite as a monitor for melt-rock interaction during cooling and exhumationPrent, A.; Beinlich, A.; Morrissey, L.; Raimondo, T.; Clark, C.; Putnis, A.
2017Adoption of HPAI biosecurity measures: the Chinese broiler industryHUANG, Z.; Loch, A.; Findlay, C.; WANG, J.
2016Ore petrography using megapixel X-ray imaging: rapid insights into element distribution and mobilization in complex Pt and U-Ge-Cu oresLi, K.; Etschmann, B.; Rae, N.; Reith, F.; Ryan, C.; Kirkham, R.; Howard, D.; Rosa, D.; Zammit, C.; Pring, A.; Ngothai, Y.; Hooker, A.; Brugger, J.
2016Geochemistry and petrology of the indium-bearing polymetallic skarn ores at Pitkäranta, Ladoga Karelia, RussiaValkama, M.; Sundblad, K.; Cook, N.; Ivashchenko, V.
2010Textural variation in the pyrite-rich ore deposits of the Røros district, Trondheim Region, Norway: implications for pyrite deformation mechanismsBarrie, C.; Cook, N.; Boyle, A.
2016Mineralogy and geochemistry of indium-bearing polymetallic veins in the Sarvlaxviken area, Lovisa, FinlandValkama, M.; Sundblad, K.; Nygård, R.; Cook, N.