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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009The diamonds of South AustraliaTappert, R.; Foden, J.; Stachel, T.; Muehlenbachs, K.; Tappert, M.; Wills, K.; 9th International Kimberlite Conference (10 Aug 2008 - 15 Aug 2008 : Frankfurt, Germany)
2000Regional geochemistry and continental heat flow: implications for the origin of the South Australian heat flow anomalyNeumann, N.; Sandiford, M.; Foden, J.
2002Geochemical evolution of lithospheric mantle beneath SE South AustraliaFoden, J.; Song, S.; Turner, S.; Elburg, M.; Smith, P.; Van der Steldt, B.; Penglis, V.
2001U, Th and Ra disequilibria, Sr, Nd and Pb isotope and trace element variations in Sunda arc lavas: predominance of a subducted sediment componentTurner, S.; Foden, J.
2009The mineralogy of the Yaringie Hill meteorite - A new H5 chondrite from South AustraliaTappert, R.; Foden, J.; Pring, A.
2002Geochemical trends across an arc-continent collision zone: magma sources and slab-wedge transfer processes below the Pantar Strait volcanoes, IndonesiaElburg, M.; van Bergen, M.; Hoogewerff, J.; Foden, J.; Vroon, P.; Zulkarnain, I.; Nasution, A.
2002Granite production in the Delamerian Orogen, South AustraliaFoden, J.; Elburg, M.; Turner, S.; Sandiford, M.; O'Callaghan, J.; Mitchell, S.
2002The origins of fibrous veins: constraints from geochemistryElburg, M.; Bons, P.; Foden, J.; Passchier, C.
2007Billeroo North alkaline magmatic complex: geology and economic significanceRutherford, L.; Burtt, A.; Hatch, K.; Hand, M.; Foden, J.
2007Geochemical variability within the lithospheric mantle beneath the Adelaide Fold Belt, South AustraliaTappert, R.; Foden, J.; Wills, K.; Goryniuk, M.