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1995Fluid evolution and mineral deposition in the Aguilas-Sierra Almagrera base metal ores, southeastern SpainMorales Ruano, S.; Both, R. A.; Fenoll Hach-Ali, P.
1995The Angas Zn-Pb-Ag deposit in the Kanmantoo Group, South Australia: Synsedimentary or metamorphic?Both, R. A.; McElhinney, R.; Toteff, S.
1995Mineralogy, paragenesis and geochemistry of base metal ore of the Aguilas-Sierra Almagrera, SpainMorales Ruano, S.; Both, R. A.
1995Trace elements in sulfide minerals from eastern Australian volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits, Part II.Selenium levels in pyrite: comparison with d34S values and implications for the source of sulfur in volcanogenic hydrothermal systemsHuston, D. L.; Sie, S. H.; Suter, G. F.; Cooke, D. R.; Both, R. A.
1995Changes in stable isotope ratios of metapelites and marbles during regional metamorphism, Mount Lofty Ranges, South Australia: Implications for crustal scale fluid flowCartwright, I.; Vry, J.; Sandiford, Michael Andrew
1995Blue-green algae. Environment South AustraliaJenkins, R. J. F.
1995The Emu Bay Shale, a Lower Cambrian fossil Lagerstätte, Kangaroo Island, South AustraliaNedin, Christopher
1995A geostatistical study of soil data from an irrigated vineyard near Waikerie, South AustraliaBrooker, Peter Ian; Winchester, J. P.; Adams, A. C.
1995Application of the gnostical theory of uncertain data to spatial estimation, identification and quantificationBrooker, Peter Ian; Sevcik, K.
1995The structure of Kangaroo Island (South Australia): Strain and kinematic partitioning during Delamerian basin and platform reactivationFlottmann, Thomas; James, P. R.; Menpes, Robert J.; Fairclough, M.; Cesare, P.; Randabell, J.; Twining, M.