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1997Zircon ages constrain the time of deformation events in The Granites-Tanami region, northwest Australia.Cooper, J. A.; Ding, P. Q.
1997Sampling design for irrigated vineyards in the Riverland of South AustraliaBrooker, Peter Ian; Warren, Samantha K.
1997Influence of basin architechture on the style of inversion and fold-thrust belt tectonics - the southern Adelaide Fold-Trust Belt, South AustraliaFlottmann, Thomas; James, P.
1997Iceberg rafting and scouring in the Early Permian Shoalhaven group of New South Wales, Australia: Evidence of Heinrich-like events?Eyles, N. E.; Eyles, C. H.; Gostin, V.
1997The nature of the Proterozoic-Cambrian transition in the northern Amadeus Basin, central Australia.McIlroy, D.; Jenkins, R. J.; Walter, Malcolm Ross
1997The taphonomy and affinities of the problematic fossil Myoscolex from the Lower Cambrian Emu Bay shale of South Australia.Briggs, D. E. G.; Nedin, Christopher
1997The Pechunga Ni-Cu deposits, Russia: data on PGE and Au distribution and sulphur isotope compositions.Abzalov, M. Z.; Both, R. A.
1997Tookoonooka, a large buried early Cretaceous impact structure in the Eromanga Basin of southwestern Queensland, Australia.Gostin, V.; Therriault, A. M.
1997Modelling the contempory stress field and its implications for hydrocarbon exploration.Hillis, R.; Sandiford, M.; Coblentz, D.; Zhou, S.
1997Does the in situ stress field control the orientation of open fractures in sub-surface reservoirs?Hillis, R.