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Type: Journal article
Title: The impact of obesity and uncontrolled asthma during pregnancy on metabolic and inflammatory pathways
Author: Bhaumik, S.
Lockett, J.
Saif, Z.
Lai, A.
Salomon, C.
Whitehead, J.
Clifton, V.L.
Citation: Journal of Asthma, 2022; 1-18
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Issue Date: 2022
ISSN: 0277-0903
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Sreeparna Bhaumik, Jack Lockett, Zarqa Saif, Andrew Lai, Carlos Salomon, Jonathan P. Whitehead, Vicki L. Clifton
Abstract: Asthma and obesity are both inflammatory complications of pregnancy and when combined contribute to an increased risk of uncontrolled asthma during pregnancy and poor perinatal outcomes. Our previous work has identified the presence of maternal asthma is associated with a proinflammatory milieu in the placenta and reduced fetal growth. The current study was designed to determine the relationships between immunomodulatory metabolic pathways and inflammation and establish whether these pathways are associated with uncontrolled asthma in obese pregnant women.Fifty-three obese (BMI >30) pregnant women were recruited prospectively. Participants were classified as having no asthma, controlled asthma, and uncontrolled asthma based on a doctor diagnosis and assessment using the Asthma Control Questionnaire (ACQ). Circulating plasma concentrations of metabolic hormones leptin, adiponectin, insulin, glucose, and extracellular vesicle (EVs) associated cytokines were measured at 18- and 36-weeks gestation.Concentrations of metabolic and inflammatory markers among obese participants with or without asthma were not significantly different throughout gestation. However total adiponectin concentrations increased as gestation progressed in obese, non-asthmatic women but did not increase in women with asthma. Plasma adiponectin and leptin levels in women with uncontrolled asthma were positively correlated with EV inflammatory markers including GM-CSF, IL-6, TNFα and IFNγ protein.This study demonstrated that most metabolic markers remain unchanged with the presence and severity of asthma in obese pregnant women. However, differences in the associations between metabolic and inflammatory pathways were observed in women with asthma and may be one of the mechanisms contributing to uncontrolled asthma in obese pregnant women.
Keywords: Uncontrolled asthma
Description: Published online: 25 Oct 2022. OnlinePubl
Rights: © 2022 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC
DOI: 10.1080/02770903.2022.2134794
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