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20234CMenB sustained vaccine effectiveness against invasive meningococcal B disease and gonorrhoea at three years post program implementationWang, B.; Giles, L.; Andraweera, P.; McMillan, M.; Almond, S.; Beazley, R.; Mitchell, J.; AHoure, M.; Denehy, E.; Flood, L.; Marshall, H.
2023Evaluation of on-tool dust control measures for processing engineered stoneGaskin, S.; Thredgold, L.; Ramkissoon, C.; Annual Conference and Scientific Exhibition of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) (3 Dec 2022 - 7 Dec 2022 : Brisbane, Australia)
2023Prohibition of engineered stone: Literature review and gap analysisRamkissoon, C.; Tefera, Y.; Gaskin, S.; Pisaniello, D.; Glass, D.; Safe Work Australia
2023Global, regional, and national burden of meningitis and its aetiologies, 1990–2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019Wunrow, H.Y.; Bender, R.G.; Vongpradith, A.; Novotney, A.; Gray, A.P.; Ikuta, K.S.; Sharara, F.; Wool, E.E.; Bhandari, D.; GBD 2019 Meningitis Antimicrobial Resistance Collaborators,
2023Prevalence of parental supply of alcohol to minors: a systematic reviewvan der Kruk, S.; Harrison, N.J.; Bartram, A.; Newton, S.; Miller, C.; Room, R.; Olver, I.; Bowden, J.
2023Predictors of compliance with higher dose omega-3 fatty acid supplementation during pregnancy and implications for the risk of prematurity: exploratory analysis of the ORIP randomised trialSullivan, T.R.; Yelland, L.N.; Gibson, R.A.; Thakkar, S.K.; Huang, F.; Best, K.P.; Devaraj, S.; Zolezzi, I.S.; Makrides, M.
2023A constitutional Voice in parliament would improve the health of Aboriginal AustraliansAnderson, P.; Davis, M.; Freeman, T.; Baum, F.
2023A longitudinal mediation analysis of the effect of Aboriginal Australian mothers' experience of perceived racism on children’s social and emotional well-beingSnyder, G.; Ribeiro Santiago, P.H.; Sawyer, A.; Jamieson, L.
2023Impacts of Hot Climate Conditions on Work Health and Safety in Australia: A Case Assessment of Policies in Practice in the Construction IndustryFatima, S.H.; Rothmore, P.; Giles, L.C.; Bi, P.
2023Clinical applications of non‐invasive multi and hyperspectral imaging of cell and tissue autofluorescence beyond oncologyCampbell, J.M.; Mahbub, S.B.; Habibalahi, A.; Agha, A.; Handley, S.; Anwer, A.G.; Goldys, E.M.
2023Challenging assumptions underlying physical activity promotion for health care professionals in Australia: A data-prompted interview studyKwasnicka, D.; Potthoff, S.; Hagger, M.S.; Vandelanotte, C.; Rebar, A.; Short, C.E.; Crook, D.; Gardner, B.
2023A Research Translation, Implementation and Impact Strategy for the Australian Healthy Environments and Lives (HEAL) Research NetworkLyne, K.; Williams, C.; Vardoulakis, S.; Matthews, V.; Farrant, B.; Butt, A.; Walker, I.; Chu, C.; Dennekamp, M.; Espinoza Oyarce, D.A.; Ivers, R.; Jalaludin, B.; Jones, P.J.; Martin, K.; Rychetnik, L.
2023Socio-demographic correlates of unhealthy lifestyle in Ethiopia: a secondary analysis of a national surveyGelaw, Y.A.; Koye, D.N.; Alene, K.A.; Ahmed, K.Y.; Assefa, Y.; Erku, D.A.; Tegegn, H.G.; Tesema, A.G.; Zeleke, B.M.; Melaku, Y.A.
2023Trends in Well-Being Among Youth in Australia, 2017-2022Dumuid, D.; Singh, B.; Brinsley, J.; Virgara, R.; Curtis, R.G.; Brinkman, S.; Maher, C.A.
2023Heatwaves and wildfires suffocate our healthy start to life: time to assess impact and take action.Bansal, A.; Cherbuin, N.; Davis, D.L.; Peek, M.J.; Wingett, A.; Christensen, B.K.; Carlisle, H.; Broom, M.; Schoenaker, D.A.J.M.; Dahlstrom, J.E.; Phillips, C.B.; Vardoulakis, S.; Nanan, R.; Nolan, C.J.
2023Pancreatic Islet Viability Assessment Using Hyperspectral Imaging of AutofluorescenceCampbell, J.M.; Walters, S.N.; Habibalahi, A.; Mahbub, S.B.; Anwer, A.G.; Handley, S.; Grey, S.T.; Goldys, E.M.
2023Development and validation of an individual-based state-transition model for the prediction of frailty and frailty-related eventsPincombe, A.; Afzali, H.H.A.; Visvanathan, R.; Karnon, J.; Pérez-Zepeda, M.U.
2023Tracing nickel smelter emissions using European honey beesTaylor, M.P.; Gillings, M.M.; Fry, K.L.; Barlow, C.F.; Gunkel-Grillion, P.; Gueyte, R.; Camoin, M.
2023Social capital and its role to improve maternal and child health services in Northwest Ethiopia: A qualitative studyMengesha, E.W.; Tessema, G.A.; Assefa, Y.; Alene, G.D.; Naanyu, V.
2023A pro-inflammatory diet in people with multiple sclerosis is associated with an increased rate of relapse and increased FLAIR lesion volume on MRI in early multiple sclerosis: A prospective cohort studySaul, A.M.; Taylor, B.V.; Blizzard, L.; Simpson-Yap, S.; Oddy, W.H.; Shivappa, N.; Hébert, J.R.; Black, L.J.; Ponsonby, A.L.; Broadley, S.A.; Lechner-Scott, J.; van der Mei, I.; Lucas, R.M.; Dear, K.; Dwyer, T.; Broadley, S.; Kilpatrick, T.; Williams, D.; Shaw, C.; Chapman, C.; et al.