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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201110-minute consultation: funny turnLeung, E.; Hamilton-Bruce, M.; Stocks, N.; Koblar, S.
201821st century cognitive behavioural therapy for anger: a systematic review of research design, methodology and outcomeFernandez, E.; Malvaso, C.; Day, A.; Guharajan, D.
20234CMenB sustained vaccine effectiveness against invasive meningococcal B disease and gonorrhoea at three years post program implementationWang, B.; Giles, L.; Andraweera, P.; McMillan, M.; Almond, S.; Beazley, R.; Mitchell, J.; AHoure, M.; Denehy, E.; Flood, L.; Marshall, H.
200175+ health assessmentsNewbury, J.; Marley, J.
2003A 5-year follow-up of general practice patients experiencing depressionWilson, I.; Duszynski, K.; Mant, A.
2008A baseline survey of the microbiological quality of chicken portions and carcasses at retail in two Australian states (2005 to 2006)Pointon, A.; Sexton, M.; Dowsett, P.; Saputra, T.; Kiermeier, A.; Lorimer, M.; Holds, G.; Arnold, G.; Davos, D.; Combs, B.; Fabiansson, S.; Raven, G.; McKenzie, H.; Chapman, A.; Sumner, J.
2007A before and after study of the impact of academic detailing on the use of diagnostic imaging for shoulder complaints in general practiceBroadhurst, N.; Barton, C.; Rowett, D.; Yelland, L.; Matin, D.; Gialamas, A.; Beilby, J.
2016A biophysical model to assess the trade-off between larval recruitment and catch in southern Australia's largest prawn fisheryMcleay, L.; Doubell, M.; Roberts, S.; Dixon, C.; Andreacchio, L.; James, C.; Luick, J.; Middleton, J.
2015A bowel cancer screening plan at lastFrank, O.R.; Stocks, N.P.
2005A brief conceptual tutorial of multilevel analysis in social epidemiology: linking the statistical concept of clustering to the idea of contextual phenomenonMerlo, J.; Chaix, B.; Yang, M.; Lynch, J.; Rastam, L.
2005A brief conceptual tutorial on multilevel analysis in social epidemiology: interpreting neighbourhood differences and the effect of neighbourhood characteristics on individual healthMerlo, J.; Chaix, B.; Yang, M.; Lynch, J.; Rastam, L.
2005A brief conceptual tutorial on multilevel analysis in social epidemiology: investigating contextual phenomena in different groups of peopleMerlo, J.; Yang, M.; Chaix, B.; Lynch, J.; Rastam, L.
2015A brief experience for medical students in a remote Aboriginal communityBenson, J.; Ryder, C.; Gill, M.; Balabanski, A.
2006A brief history of snake venoms affecting hemostasisMarsh, N.
2017A case-based discussion of clinical problems in the management of patients treated with ruxolitinib for myelofibrosisHo, P.; Bajel, A.; Burbury, K.; Dunlop, L.; Durrant, S.; Forsyth, C.; Perkins, A.; Ross, D.
2008A case-control study of the protective benefit of cervical screening against invasive cervical cancer in NSW womenYang, B.; Morrell, S.; Zuo, Y.; Roder, D.; Tracey, E.; Jelfs, P.
2002A chain is as strong as its weakest link but that link could be the subject matter of the questionnaire!Stocks, N.; Gunnell, D.
2002A checklist for comprehensive health assessment for the over 70'sByles, J.; Tavener, M.; Fitzgerald, P.; Nair, B.; Higginbotham, N.; Jackson, C.; Heller, R.; Newbury, J.
2018A checklist for managed access programmes for reimbursement co-designed by Canadian patients and caregiversYoung, A.; Menon, D.; Street, J.; Al-Hertani, W.; Stafinski, T.
1998A cluster of haematuria cases in a pesticide-manufacturing plantGun, R.; Seymour, A.; Mathew, T.