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2020The mass decontamination paradigm: Response relating to gas phase exposures and skin decontaminationBaxter, C.; Gaskin, S.; Logan, M.; Pisaniello, D.L.; Zhu, H.; Maibach, H.
2020Climate change and infectious disease research in Nepal: Are the available prerequisites supportive enough to researchers?Bhandari, D.; Bi, P.; Sherchand, J.B.; Dhimal, M.; Hanson-Easey, S.
2020Using graphical loglinear rasch models to investigate the construct validity of the perceived stress scaleNielsen, T.; Santiago, P.H.R.; Khine, M.S.
2020The difference between withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining treatmentMcGee, A.; Carter, D.A.; Emmerich, N.; Gordjin, B.; Mallia, P.
2020Understanding Canadian Health Technology Assessment through a systems lensLopes McInnes, E.; Street, J.; Carter, D.A.; Merlin, T.; Stafinski, T.
2020Moderator role of vitamin D concentrations on the association between metabolic syndrome and C-reactive protein among adultsFassula, A.S.; Gonzalez-Chica, D.; Giehl, M.C.; Silva, D.A.S.; Cembranel, F.; Moreno, Y.M.F.
2021Impact of climate change on health and well-being of people in Hindu-Kush Himalayan region: a narrative reviewDhimal, M.; Bhandari, D.; Dhimal L., M.; Kafle, N.; Pyakurel, P.; Mohatra, N.; Akhtar, S.; Ismail, T.I.; Dhiman, R.C.; Groneberg, D.G.; Shrestha, U.B.; Mueller, R.
2021Cohort profile: indigenous human papillomavirus and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma study - a prospective longitudinal cohortJamieson, L.M.; Garvey, G.; Hedges, J.; Leane, C.; Hill, I.; Brown, A.; Ju, X.; Sethi, S.; Roder, D.; Logan, R.M.; Johnson, N.; Smith, M.; Antonsson, A.; Canfell, K.
2021Emerging identity: the experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse speech pathologists in Australian practiceAttrill, S.; Speech Pathology Australia National Conference 2021 (31 May 2021 - 2 Jun 2021 : virtual online)
2020General Motor Holden's closure in Playford, South Australia: Analysis of the policy response and its implications for healthBrowne-Yung, K.; Ziersch, A.; Baum, F.; Friel, S.; Spoehr, J.