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2006Contribution of main causes of death to social inequalities in mortality in the whole population of Scania, SwedenRosvall, M.; Chaix, B.; Lynch, J.; Lindstrom, M.; Merlo, J.
2010Better understanding trajectories of child development : opportunities for data linkage with the Australian Early Development Index (AEDI)Brinkman, S.; McDermott, R.; Lynch, J.
2014Modelling preventive effectiveness to estimate the equity tipping point: at what coverage can individual preventive interventions reduce socioeconomic disparities in diabetes risk?Manuel, D.; Ho, T.; Harper, S.; Anderson, G.; Lynch, J.; Rosella, L.
2005Why has the black-white life expectancy gap recently declined?Harper, S.; Lynch, J.; Joint Meeting of the Society-for-Epidemiologic-Research/Canadian-Society-for-Epidemiology-and-Biostatistics (27 Jun 2005 - 30 Jun 2005 : Toronto, CANADA)
2008Measuring health inequity in populations: epidemiology meets ethicsLynch, J.
2005Methodological issues in measuring health disparitiesKeppel, K.; Pamuk, E.; Lynch, J.; Carter-Pokras, O.; Kim, I.; Mays, V.; Pearcy, J.; Schoenbach, V.; Weissman, J.
2011Emotional and behavioural problems in childhood and risk of overall and cause-specific morbidity and mortality in middle-aged Finnish menKauhanen, L.; Leino, J.; Lakka, H.; Lynch, J.; Kauhanen, J.
2016Usage, adherence and attrition: how new mothers engage with a nurse-moderated web-based intervention to support maternal and infant health. A 9-month observational studySawyer, M.; Reece, C.; Bowering, K.; Jeffs, D.; Sawyer, A.; Peters, J.; Mpundu-Kaambwa, C.; Clark, J.; McDonald, D.; Mittinty, M.; Lynch, J.
2007The handbook of inequality and socioeconomic position: conceptes and measuresShaw, M.; Galobardes, B.; Lawlor, D.; Lynch, J.; Wheeler, B.; Davey-Smith, G.
2014Juicios de valor implícitos en la medición de las desigualdades en saludHarper, S.; King, N.; Meersman, S.; Reichman, M.; Breen, N.; Lynch, J.