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2008Awareness of diabetic eye disease among general practitioners and diabetic patients in Yangon MyanmarMuecke, J.; Newland, H.; Ryan, P.; Ramsay, E.; Aung, M.; Myint, S.; Esmail-Zadeh, R.; Zborowska, B.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2010Patient satisfaction with point-of-care testing in general practiceLaurence, C.; Gialamas, A.; Bubner, T.; Yelland, L.; Willson, K.; Ryan, P.; Beilby, J.; Gill, J.; Glastonbury, B.; Killeen, R.; McKittrick, P.; Shephard, M.; St John, A.; Thomas, D.; Tideman, P.; Tirimacco, R.; Worley, P.
2004Statin prescribing in Australia: socioeconomic and sex differences - A cross-sectional studyStocks, N.; Ryan, P.; McElroy, H.; Allan, J.
2011A self-controlled case series to assess the effectiveness of beta blockers for heart failure in reducing hospitalisations in the elderlyRamsay, E.; Roughead, E.; Ewald, B.; Pratt, N.; Ryan, P.
2006Hepatitis C virus infection in prisonsMiller, E.; Bi, P.; Ryan, P.
2006Australian participants in British nuclear tests in Australia, Vol 2: Mortality and cancer incidenceGun, R.; Parsons, J.; Ryan, P.; Crouch, P.; Hiller, J.
2010Differential impact of NSAIDs on rate of adverse events that require hospitalization in high-risk and general veteran populations: A retrospective cohort studyPratt, N.; Roughead, E.; Ryan, P.; Gilbert, A.
2009Proton-pump inhibitors and the risk of antibiotic use and hospitalisation for pneumoniaRoughead, E.; Ramsay, E.; Pratt, N.; Ryan, P.; Gilbert, A.
1998The impact of depression on the physical health of family membersSobieraj, M.; Williams, J.; Marley, J.; Ryan, P.
2001The 2nd Australian National Blood Pressure Study (ANBP2)Reid, C.; Ryan, P.; Wing, L.; Black, H.