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2023Offspring physiology following the use of IVM, IVF and ICSI: a systematic review and meta-analysis of animal studiesBeilby, K.H.; Kneebone, E.; Roseboom, T.J.; van Marrewijk, I.M.; Thompson, J.G.; Norman, R.J.; Robker, R.L.; Mol, B.W.J.; Wang, R.
2023The social predictors of paternal antenatal mental health and their associations with maternal mental health in the Queensland Family Cohort prospective studyDixson, B.J.W.; Borg, D.; Rae, K.M.; Whittingha, K.; Gannon, B.; McPhail, S.M.; Carter, H.E.; Moritz, K.M.; Boyd, R.N.; Bora, S.; Kumar, S.; Frater, J.; Schweitzer, D.; Miller, P.; Mehter, D.; Clifton, V.L.
2023Pain coping tools for children and young adults with a neurodevelopmental disability: A systematic review of measurement propertiesSmith, N.L.; Smith, M.G.; Gibson, N.; Imms, C.; Thornton, A.L.; Harvey, A.R.
2023EBNEO commentary: Maternal high-dose DHA supplementation and neurodevelopment in infants born before 29 weeks' gestationVather, D.; Keir, A.
2022My Baby's Movements: a stepped-wedge cluster-randomised controlled trial of a fetal movement awareness intervention to reduce stillbirthsFlenady, V.; Gardener, G.; Ellwood, D.; Coory, M.; Weller, M.; Warrilow, K.A.; Middleton, P.F.; Wojcieszek, A.M.; Groom, K.M.; Boyle, F.M.; East, C.; Lawford, H.L.S.; Callander, E.; Said, J.M.; Walker, S.P.; Mahomed, K.; Andrews, C.; Gordon, A.; Norman, J.E.; Crowther, C.
2022Longitudinal audit of assessment and pharmaceutical intervention for cardiovascular risk in the Australasian Diabetes Data NetworkRobertson, C.A.; Earnest, A.; Chee, M.; Craig, M.E.; Colman, P.; Barrett, H.L.; Bergman, P.; Cameron, F.; Davis, E.E.; Donaghue, K.C.; Fegan, P.G.; Hamblin, P.S.; Holmes-Walker, D.J.; Jefferies, C.; Johnson, S.; Mok, M.T.; King, B.R.; Sinnott, R.; Ward, G.; Wheeler, B.J.; et al.
2022Tobacco smoking and mental disorders in Australian adolescentsLawrence, D.; Johnson, S.E.; Mitrou, F.; Lawn, S.; Sawyer, M.
2022Inertial microfluidic purification of CAR-T-Cell productsElsemary, M.T.; Maritz, M.F.; Smith, L.E.; Warkiani, M.; Bandara, V.; Napoli, S.; Barry, S.C.; Coombs, J.T.; Thierry, B.
2022Non-invasive, label-free optical analysis to detect aneuploidy within the inner cell mass of the preimplantation embryoTan, C.; Mahbub, S.; Campbell, J.; Habibalahi, A.; Campugan, C.; Rose, R.; Chow, D.; Mustafa, S.; Goldys, E.; Dunning, K.
2022Impact of uterine malformations on pregnancy and neonatal outcomes of IVF/ICSI-frozen embryo transferQiu, J.; Du, T.; Chen, C.; Lyu, Q.; Mol, B.W.; Zhao, M.; Kuang, Y.
2022Aspirin for the prevention of pre-eclampsia in women with pre-existing diabetes: Systematic reviewZen, M.; Haider, R.; Simmons, D.; Peek, M.; Nolan, C.J.; Padmanabhan, S.; Jesudason, S.; Alahakoon, T.I.; Cheung, N.W.; Lee, V.W.
2022Neonatal death is a major concern for Indigenous women with asthma during pregnancy and could be prevented with better models of careClifton, V.L.; Das, J.; Flenady, V.; Rae, K.
2022A decline in planned, but not spontaneous, preterm birth rates in a large Australian tertiary maternity centre during COVID-19 mitigation measuresGallo, L.A.; Gallo, T.F.; Borg, D.J.; Moritz, K.M.; Clifton, V.L.; Kumar, S.
2022Antenatal magnesium sulphate for preventing cerebral palsy: An economic evaluation of the impact of a quality improvement programKeir, A.; Rumbold, A.; Shepherd, E.; Mcintyre, S.; Groves, C.; Cavallaro, A.; Crowther, C.; Callander, E.
2022Antenatal magnesium sulfate to prevent cerebral palsyKeir, A.K.; Shepherd, E.; McIntyre, S.; Rumbold, A.; Groves, C.; Crowther, C.; Callander, E.J.
2022Together Alone: Going Online during COVID-19 Is Changing Scientific ConferencesBray, H.J.; Stone, J.; Litchfield, L.; Britt, K.L.; Hopper, J.L.; Ingman, W.V.
2022The challenges with managing polycystic ovary syndrome: A qualitative study of women's and clinicians' experiencesCopp, T.; Muscat, D.M.; Hersch, J.; McCaffery, K.J.; Doust, J.; Dokras, A.; Mol, B.W.; Jansen, J.
2022Comment on Abdel Wahab, et al.: A randomized controlled trial of two-doses of vaginal progesterone 400 vs. 200 mg for prevention of preterm labor in twin gestationsMol, B.W.
2022Probiotic peanut oral immunotherapy versus oral immunotherapy and placebo in children with peanut allergy in Australia (PPOIT-003): a multicentre, randomised, phase 2b trialLoke, P.; Orsini, F.; Lozinsky, A.C.; Gold, M.; O'Sullivan, M.D.; Quinn, P.; Lloyd, M.; Ashley, S.E.; Pitkin, S.; Axelrad, C.; Metcalfe, J.R.; Su, E.L.; Tey, D.; Robinson, M.N.; Allen, K.J.; Prescott, S.L.; Galvin, A.D.; Tang, M.L.K.; O'Sullivan, M.; Fahy-Scheer, S.; et al.
2022EBNEO commentary: foetal surgery for severe left diaphragmatic herniaGodden, B.; Keir, A.