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2008Proteomics in asthmaOsei-Kumah, A.; Hodyl, N.; Clifton, V.
2011Low-parachor solvents extraction and thermostated micro-thin-layer chromatography separation for fast screening and classification of spirulina from pharmaceutical formulations and food samplesZarzycki, P.; Zarzycka, M.; Clifton, V.; Adamski, J.; Glod, B.
2009Asthma and pregnancy: emerging evidence of epigenetic interactions in uteroPrescott, S.; Clifton, V.
2006Proteomic study of plasma proteins in pregnant women with asthmaMurphy, V.; Johnson, R.; Wang, Y.; Akinsanya, K.; Gibson, P.; Smith, R.; Clifton, V.
2012Fatty acid profile of pregnant women with asthmaMcLernon, P.; Wood, L.; Murphy, V.; Hodyl, N.; Clifton, V.
1995Identification and characterization of a corticotrophin-releasing hormone recptor in human placentaClifton, V.; Robinson, P.; Owens, P.; Smith, R.
2014Teetering near the edge; women's experiences of anal incontinence following obstetric anal sphincter injury: an interpretive phenomenological research studyTucker, J.; Clifton, V.; Wilson, A.
2007Characterization of human fetal cord blood steroid profiles in relation to fetal sex and mode of delivery using temperature-dependent inclusion chromatography and principal component analysis (PCA)Clifton, V.; Bisits, A.; Zarzycki, P.
2007Modelling prenatal bacterial infection: Functional consequences of altered hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis developmentHodyl, N.; Walker, F.; Krivanek, K.; Clifton, V.; Hodgson, D.
2011The influence of sex and antenatal betamethasone exposure on vasoconstrictors and the preterm microvasculatureStark, M.; Hodyl, N.; Wright, I.; Clifton, V.