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2021The 'new' Philippine future "beside" the exodusOpiniano, J.M.
2021“Of course we care!“: a qualitative exploration of Australian livestock producers’ understandings of farm animal welfare issuesBuddle, E.A.; Bray, H.J.; Ankeny, R.A.
2021Micro-level dynamics of climate risks adaptation in a semi-arid agroecologyAtampugre, G.; Nursey-Bray, M.; Rudd, D.; Leal Fihlo, W.
2021China's changing internal migration: toward a China variant of Zelinsky's transition thesisTan, Y.; Zhu, Y.
2021Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy as a tracer of organic matter sources in lake sedimentsMaxson IV, C.; Tibby, J.; Marshall, J.; Kent, M.; Tyler, J.; Barr, C.; McGregor, G.; Cadd, H.; Schulz, C.; Lomax, B.H.
2021Reflective practice in the newswork of Filipino journalists: A grounded theory studyOpiniano, J.; Daquipil, R.A.; Romarate, P.I.
2021Wildfire, environmental risk and deliberative planning in the Locarnese region of SwitzerlandBardsley, A.M.; Bardsley, D.K.; Conedera, M.; Pütz, M.; Robinson, G.M.; Weber, D.
2021Climate, fire and vegetation history from subtropical North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah), eastern Australia, during the last three interglacialsKemp, C.; Tibby, J.; Barr, C.; Arnold, L.
2021Transnational linkages, power relations, and the migration–development nexus: China and its diasporaTan, Y.; Liu, X.; Rosser, A.
2021Challenges to building social capital through planned adaptation: Evidence from rural communities in BangladeshKamal, M.; Nursey-Bray, M.; Hassan, S.M.M.
2021China’s diaspora engagement policy and its powerful effect outside its bordersTan, Y.
2021Co-management and Conservation Below Water in AustraliaNursey-Bray, M.; Marsh, J.; Fihlo, W.F.; Azul, A.M.; Brandli, L.; Salvia, A.L.; Wall, T.
2021Buddhist-Led Rural Community Rebuilding in the Republic of Korea from the Indra’s Net PerspectiveSuh, J.
2021Remittances and the financial capabilities of migrant households in the PhilippinesOpiniano, J.M.
2021The more prepared, the better: Analysing the internship performance of Filipino journalism studentsOpiniano, J.; Christine Estorque, J.; Joshua Gutierrez, B.; Martin Urmenita, J.
2021Wellbeing Gap Analysis: Legatus Group Northern Councils ReportLam, C.; Nursey-Bray, M.; Legatus Group
2020A multi-technique dating study of two Lower Palaeolithic sites from the Cher Valley (Middle Loire Catchment, France): Lunery-la Terre-des-Sablons and Brinay-la NoiraDuval, M.; Voinchet, P.; Arnold, L.J.; Parés, J.M.; Minnella, W.; Guilarte, V.; Demuro, M.; Falguères, C.; Bahain, J.J.; Despriée, J.
2020Development-induced displacement and resettlement: An overview of issues and interventionsTan, Y.; Bastia, T.; Skeldon, R.
2020Insights into the relationship between luminescence and ESR dating signals from Spanish sedimentary quartz samples of different geologic originsDemuro, M.; Duval, M.; Arnold, L.J.; Spooner, N.A.; Creighton, D.F.; Méndez-Quintas, E.; Santonja, M.; Pérez-González, A.
2020‘Co-creating meeting spaces’: feminist ethnographic fieldwork in BangladeshWilliams, S.; Drew, G.