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1996Integrating a GIS with an expert system to identify and manage dryland salinizationKirkby, Stephen Denis
1997The dynamics of Imperata: historical overview and current farmer perspectives, with special reference to South Kalimantan, IndonesiaPotter, Lesley Marianne
1995Identifying Data Redundancies within the Land Classification Task: A Case study using GIS and Inductive Learning TechniquesEklund, P. W.; Kirkby, Stephen Denis; Salim, A.
1997Quaternary Palynological Records from Perched Lake Sediments, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia: Rainforest, Forest History and Climatic ControlLongmore, M. E.
1995A comparison of the reactions to government taxation measures of twentieth century mining companies and nineteenth century pastoralistsSmith, D. L.
1996Geographic field data collection: using machine learning techniques to verify minimum requirements for the classification taskKirkby, Stephen Denis; Eklund, P. W.
1997The mid-Holocene "Dry" Anomaly on the Mid-Eastern Coast of Australia: Calibration of Palaeowater Depth as a Surrogate for Effective Precipitation using Sedimentary Loss on Ignition in the Perched Lake Sediments of Fraser island, QueenslandLongmore, M. E.
1996The Coorong Lagoon and the Upper South East Drainage Scheme: spatial differences in nutrient levelsLawrence, R. E.; Owen, P. R.
1995Who pays in the zoo: Corporate sponsorship in Zoological GardensMazur, N.
1995Social Aspects of Forestry in Southeast Asia : A Review of Postwar Trends in the scholarly literaturePeluso, N. L.; Vandergeest, P.; Potter, Lesley Marianne