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2009Anthropogenic acceleration of sediment accretion in lowland floodplain wetlands, Murray-Darling Basin, AustraliaGell, P.; Fluin, J.; Tibby, J.; Hancock, G.; Harrison, J.; Zawadski, A.; Haynes, D.; Khanum, S.; Little, F.; Walsh, B.
2000Rural Livelihoods and the Environment at a Time of Uncertainty: The Situation Outside JavaPotter, Lesley Marianne
2004Reconstructing pre-impact vegetation cover in modified landscapes using environmental modelling, historical surveys and remnant vegetation data: a case study in the Fleurieu Peninsula, South AustraliaBickford, Sophia Anastasia; Mackey, Brendan
2003Effects of late Holocene wildfires on diatom assemblages in Christina Lake, Alberta, CanadaPhilibert, Aline; Prairie, Yves T.; Campbell, Ian; Laird, Lana
2003I want to be global': Theorising the gentrifying class as an emergent élite global communityRofe, M. W.
2000Making Space: Women and Education at St Aloysius College Adelaide 1880-2000Gale, Gwendoline Fay
2008Building resilience into marginal agroecosystems? a global priority for socio-ecological sustainabilityBardsley, D.; Berlin Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change (2008 : Berlin, Germany)
2000Reinventing Imperata: Revaluing Alang-Alang Grasslands in IndonesiaPotter, Lesley Marianne; Lee, J. L.; Thorburn, K. E.
2004From 'problem city' to 'promise city': gentrification and the revitalisation of NewcastleRofe, M. W.
2004Phosphorus limitation of bacterial growth in high Arctic lakes and pondsGraneli, Wilhelm; Bertilsson, Stefan; Philibert, Aline