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2020A multi-technique dating study of two Lower Palaeolithic sites from the Cher Valley (Middle Loire Catchment, France): Lunery-la Terre-des-Sablons and Brinay-la NoiraDuval, M.; Voinchet, P.; Arnold, L.J.; Parés, J.M.; Minnella, W.; Guilarte, V.; Demuro, M.; Falguères, C.; Bahain, J.J.; Despriée, J.
2021Comparing interglacials in eastern Australia: a multi-proxy investigation of a new sedimentary recordForbes, M.; Cohen, T.; Jacobs, Z.; Marx, S.; Barber, E.; Dodson, J.; Zamora, A.; Cadd, H.; Francke, A.; Constantine, M.; Mooney, S.; Short, J.; Tibby, J.; Parker, A.; Cendón, D.; Peterson, M.; Tyler, J.; Swallow, E.; Haines, H.; Gadd, P.; et al.
2021Remittance owners' financial capabilities: Can these bridge diaspora and development?Opiniano, J.; Sahoo, A.
2020Development-induced displacement and resettlement: An overview of issues and interventionsTan, Y.; Bastia, T.; Skeldon, R.
2020Insights into the relationship between luminescence and ESR dating signals from Spanish sedimentary quartz samples of different geologic originsDemuro, M.; Duval, M.; Arnold, L.J.; Spooner, N.A.; Creighton, D.F.; Méndez-Quintas, E.; Santonja, M.; Pérez-González, A.
2021Patterns of aeolian deposition in subtropical Australia through the last glacial and deglacial periodsLewis, R.J.; Tibby, J.; Arnold, L.J.; Gadd, P.; Jacobsen, G.; Barr, C.; Negus, P.M.; Mariani, M.; Penny, D.; Chittleborough, D.; Moss, E.
2020‘Co-creating meeting spaces’: feminist ethnographic fieldwork in BangladeshWilliams, S.; Drew, G.
2021Challenges to the co-management of biodiversity in a reflexive modernityBardsley, D.K.; Bardsley, A.M.; Moskwa, E.; Weber, D.; Robinson, G.M.
2020Adaptation by herders on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in response to climate change and policy refroms: the implications for carbon sequestration and livelihoodsFeng, H.; Nursey-Bray, M.; Shang, Z.; Degen, A.; Rafiq, M.; Squires, V.
2021The 'new' Philippine future "beside" the exodusOpiniano, J.M.