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2008Are citizens' juries a useful tool for assessing environmental value?Robinson, J.; Clouston, B.; Suh, J.; Chaloupka, M.
2006Strategic assessment and integrated coastal management: implications for coastal capacity building in AustraliaHarvey, N.; Lazarow, N.; Souter, R.; Fearon, R.; Dovers, S.; Sea Change Conference (1 Apr 2006 : Port Douglas)
2008Birth of a biome: insights into the assembly and maintenance of the Australian arid zone biotaByrne, M.; Yeates, G.; Joseph, L.; Kearney, M.; Bowler, J.; Williams, M.; Cooper, S.; Donnellan, S.; Keogh, J.; Leijs, R.; Melville, J.; Murphy, D.; Porch, N.; Myrwoll, K.
2009Having a yarn: The importance of appropriate engagement and participation in the development of Indigenous driven environmental policy, Queensland, AustraliaNursey-Bray, M.; Wallis, A.; Rist, P.
2010Exploring discourses in environmental decision making: An Indigenous hunting case studyNursey-Bray, M.; Marsh, H.; Ross, H.
2002Cross-national comparison of internal migration: issues and measuresBell, M.; Blake, M.; Boyle, P.; Duke-Williams, O.; Rees, P.; Stillwell, J.; Hugo, G.
2013Vulnerabilities and adaptation of ports to climate changeNursey-Bray, M.; Blackwell, B.; Brooks, B.; Campbell, M.; Goldsworthy, L.; Pateman, H.; Rodrigues, I.; Roome, M.; Wright, J.; Francis, J.; Hewitt, C.
2010New technologies: Their potential role in linking rural older people to communityFeist, H.; McDougall, K.; Howard, N.; Hugo, G.
2003Monitoring coastal change in Pacific atoll nations: the Pacific Atoll Costal Monitoring and Analysis Network (PACMAN)Kench, P.; Harvey, N.; Kench, P.; Hume, T.; Coasts and Ports Australasian Conference (2003 : Auckland, N.Z.)
2004Growing the national capacity of highly skilled personnel: a South Australian perspectiveHugo, G.; Wood, F.; 'Beyond Brain Drain' Conference (2004 : Queensland Bioscience Precint, Qld.)