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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Human occupations and environmental changes in the Nile valley during the Holocene: the case of Kerma in Upper Nubia (northern Sudan)Honegger, M.; Williams, M.
2004Environmental impacts of extreme events: The Toba mega-eruption volcanic winter and the near demise of humansWilliams, M.
2008Birth of a biome: insights into the assembly and maintenance of the Australian arid zone biotaByrne, M.; Yeates, G.; Joseph, L.; Kearney, M.; Bowler, J.; Williams, M.; Cooper, S.; Donnellan, S.; Keogh, J.; Leijs, R.; Melville, J.; Murphy, D.; Porch, N.; Myrwoll, K.
2008Geology, geomorphology and prehistoric environmentsWilliams, M.; Diane Gifford Gonzalez
2010Reply to the comment on 'Environmental impact of the 73 ka Toba super-eruption in South Asia' by M. A. J. Williams, S. H. Ambrose, S. van der Kaars, C. Ruehlemann, U. Chattopadhyaya, J. Pal, P. R. ChauhanWilliams, M.; Ambrose, S.; van der Kaars, S.; Ruehlemann, C.; Chattopadhyaya, U.; Pal, J.; Chauhan, P.
2001Preliminary investigation of indigenous campsites in late Quaternary dunes, Port Augusta, South AustraliaWalshe, K.; Prescott, J.; Williams, F.; Williams, M.
2000Strontium isotope evidence for late Pleistocene reestablishment of an integrated Nile drainage networkTalbot, M.; Williams, M.; Adamson, D.
2000Late quaternary environments in the White Nile region, SudanWilliams, M.; Adamson, D.; Cock, B.; McEvedy, R.
2006Complex geomorphic response to late Pleistocene climatic changes in the arid Flinders Ranges of South AustraliaWilliams, M.; Nitschke, N.; Chor, C.
2002Desertification, definition ofWilliams, M.