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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The drivers of supply and demand in Australia's rural and regional centresTually, S.; Beer, A.; Rowley, S.; McKenzie, F.; Birdsall-Jones, C.
2016Housing affordability and residential mobility as drivers of locational inequalityBaker, E.; Bentley, R.; lester, L.; Beer, A.
2013Climatic records over the past 30ka from temperate Australia - a synthesis from the Oz-INTIMATE workgroupPetherick, L.; Bostock, H.; Cohen, T.; Fitzsimmons, K.; Tibby, J.; Fletcher, M.; Moss, P.; Reeves, J.; Mooney, S.; Barrows, T.; Kemp, J.; Jansen, J.; Nanson, G.; Dosseto, A.
2018Does co-management facilitate adaptive capacity in times of environmental change? Insights from fisheries in AustraliaNursey-Bray, M.; Fidelman, P.; Owusu, M.
2013Is walkability associated with a lower cardiometabolic risk?Coffee, N.; Howard, N.; Paquet, C.; Hugo, G.; Daniel, M.
2017An assessment of vulnerability and adaptation to cyclones through impact assessment guidelines: a bottom-up case study from Bangladesh coastYounus, M.
2013Community-based flood vulnerability and adaptation assessment: a case study from BangladeshYounus, M.; Harvey, N.
2010Migration and climate change: examining thresholds of change to guide effective adaptation decision-makingBardsley, D.; Hugo, G.
2015Urban household carbon emission and contributing factors in the Yangtze River Delta, ChinaXu, X.; Tan, Y.; Chen, S.; Yang, G.; Su, W.
2018Nurse managers and the sandwich support modelChisengantambu, C.; Robinson, G.; Evans, N.