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2013Methodological studies on luminescence dating of volcanic ashesBiswas, R.; Williams, M.; Raj, R.; Juyal, N.; Singhvi, A.
2013Vulnerabilities and adaptation of ports to climate changeNursey-Bray, M.; Blackwell, B.; Brooks, B.; Campbell, M.; Goldsworthy, L.; Pateman, H.; Rodrigues, I.; Roome, M.; Wright, J.; Francis, J.; Hewitt, C.
2013Climate change and indigenous natural resource management: A review of socio-ecological interactions in the Alinytjara Wilurara NRM regionWiseman, N.; Bardsley, D.
2013Climatic records over the past 30ka from temperate Australia - a synthesis from the Oz-INTIMATE workgroupPetherick, L.; Bostock, H.; Cohen, T.; Fitzsimmons, K.; Tibby, J.; Fletcher, M.; Moss, P.; Reeves, J.; Mooney, S.; Barrows, T.; Kemp, J.; Jansen, J.; Nanson, G.; Dosseto, A.
2013Planned retreat as a management response to coastal risk: A case study from the Fleurieu Peninsula, South AustraliaNiven, R.; Bardsley, D.
2013Does Buddhism have much to offer in terms of reduction in global CO₂ emissions? A panel data analysisSuh, J.
2013The Australian baby boomer population-factors influencing changes to health-related quality of life over timeBuckley, J.; Tucker, G.; Hugo, G.; Wittert, G.; Adams, R.; Wilson, D.
2013Are baby-boomers healthy enough to keep working? Health as a mediator of extended labour force participationBuckley, J.; O'Dwyer, L.; Tucker, G.; Adams, R.; Wittert, G.; Hugo, G.
2013Is walkability associated with a lower cardiometabolic risk?Coffee, N.; Howard, N.; Paquet, C.; Hugo, G.; Daniel, M.
2013Are accessibility and characteristics of public open spaces associated with a better cardiometabolic health?Paquet, C.; Orschulok, T.; Coffee, N.; Howard, N.; Hugo, G.; Taylor, A.; Adams, R.; Daniel, M.