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2004Indigenous access to mainstream public and community housingFlatau, P.; McGrath, N.; Tually, S.; Cooper, L.; Morris, M.; Adam, M.; Marinova, D.; Beer, A.
2011Forgotten but not Gone: The Housing Markets of Australia's Country TownsBeer, A.; Tually, S.
2011The State of play in housing markets in rural and regional AustraliaTually, S.
2007Sediment mixing at Nonda Rock: investigations of stratigraphic integrity at an early archaeological site in northern Australia and implications for the human colonisation of the continentDavid, B.; Roberts, R.; Magee, J.; Mialanes, J.; Turney, C.; Bird, M.; White, C.; Fifield, L.; Tibby, J.
2007The Nile: Evolution, quaternary river environments and material fluxesWoodward, J.; Macklin, M.; Krom, M.; Williams, M.
2006Impact of extreme rainfall in the central Sudan during 1999 as a partial analogue for reconstructing early Holocene prehistoric environmentsWilliams, M.; Nottage, J.
2011A history of aquatic plants in the Coorong, a Ramsar-listed coastal wetland, South AustraliaDick, J.; Haynes, D.; Tibby, J.; Garcia, A.; Gell, P.
2007A late glacial to present diatom record from Lake Euramoo, wet tropics of Queensland, AustraliaTibby, J.; Haberle, S.
2003Quantitative and visual assessments of climate change impacts on South Australian wheat productionLuo, Q.; Williams, M.; Bellotti, W.; Bryan, B.
2015Spatially identifying vulnerable communities to climate change impact in South AustraliaTan, Y.; Chadbourne, M.