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2014From permanent settlement to transnationalism – contemporary population movement between Italy and Australia: trends and implicationsHugo, G.
2014The economic contribution of humanitarian settlers in AustraliaHugo, G.
2014The role of the forestry industry for the success of community forestry: a comparative input-output analysis across India and the PhilippinesSuh, J.
2014Embedding or uprooting? The effects of international labour migration on rural households in ArmeniaAgadjanian, V.; Sevoyan, A.
2014Assessing change in floodplain wetland condition in the Murray Darling Basin, AustraliaGell, P.; Reid, M.
2014Climate variability in south-eastern Australia over the last 1500 years inferred from the high-resolution diatom records of two crater lakesBarr, C.; Tibby, J.; Gell, P.; Tyler, J.; Zawadzki, A.; Jacobsen, G.
2014Cohort profile: The men androgen inflammation lifestyle environment and stress (MAILES) studyGrant, J.; Martin, S.; Taylor, A.; Wilson, D.; Araujo, A.; Adams, R.; Jenkins, A.; Milne, R.; Hugo, G.; Atlantis, E.; Wittert, G.
2014Changing patterns and determinants of natural capital in the Yangtze River Delta of China 2000-2010Xu, X.; Tan, Y.; Chen, S.; Yang, G.
2014Economic consequences of failed autonomous adaptation to extreme floods: a case study from BangladeshYounus, M.A.F.; Harvey, N.
2014Organising for socio-ecological resilience: the roles of the mountain farmer cooperative Genossenschaft Gran Alpin in Graubünden, SwitzerlandBardsley, D.; Bardsley, A.