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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Communication and complex emergencies: a resource guideSkuse, A.; Brimacombe, T.; Rodger, D.; Australian Civil-Military Centre (ACMC)
2014Social networking, social media and complex emergencies: issues paperSkuse, A.; Brimacombe, T.; Australian Civil-Military Centre (ACMC)
2017Communication pour le développement en cas d’Urgence: Guide de ressources et formation pour MadagascarSkuse, A.; UNICEF Madagascar/Government of Madagascar
2011Broadcasting 'The State': Tribe, Citizenship and the Politics of Radio Drama Production in AfghanistanSkuse, A.; Gillespie, M.
2011Introduction: Drama for Development - Cultural Translation and Social ChangeSkuse, A.; Gillespie, M.; Power, G.
2011'Creative Tensions': Audience Research and the Representational Challenge of Dramatising Opium Substitution in AfghanistanSkuse, A.
2007Soap opera and social change: Drama and development at the BBC world serviceSkuse, A.; Gillespie, M.; Becker, M.; Frost Yocum, L.; International Broadcasting, Public Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange - A conference to evaluate 75 years of BBC overseas broadcasting (2007 : London)
2013Communication for development interventions in fragile states: a systematic reviewSkuse, A.; Rodger, D.; Power, G.; Friguglietti, D.; Brimacombe, T.
2013Gender, ICTs, and indicators: measuring inequality and changeBrimacombe, T.; Skuse, A.
2007Poverty and digitial inclusion - Preliminary findings of Finding a Voice ProjectSkuse, A.; Fildes, J.; Tacchi, J.; Martin, K.; Baulch, E.