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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The 14th Biennial Japanese Studies Association of Australia ConferenceJain, P.
19951980 nendai Chugoku bunkadai ni okuru Ri Tsa-ho no Koken (Li Zehan's contributions to Chinese Culture in the 1980's)Chan, Shiu-wah Sylvia
1997The 1996 General Election: Status Quo or Step Forward?Jain, P.; Todhunter, M.
2004Accumulating cultural capital? Some lessons from history for understanding mainland Chinese students in Australian high schoolsStafford, A.; Biennial Conf of the Asian Studies Ass of Aust (29 Jun 2004 : Canberra, Australia)
2006American acolytes: Tokyo, Canberra and Washington's emerging 'Pacific Axis'Jain, P.; Bruni, J.
1996American Photographs of the Boxer RisingElliott, Jane E.
2009Amnesia and memory: Does classical ideology matter?Lin, D.; Chinese Studies Association of Australia Biennial Conference (11th : 2009 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
2017Animism: a grassroots response to socioenvironmental crisis in JapanYoneyama, S.
1996Aozhou Wenxue Changkongde Yi Zhi LingniaoHsu, Chia-cheng
2004Asia, Asian values and AustraliaJain, P.; Asian Values in the Int Society of the C21, (03 Dec 2002 : Kobe Gakuin University, Japan)
2006Asia-Pacific and a New International Order: Responses and Options / P. Jain, F. Patrikeeff and G. Groot (eds.)Jain, P.; Patrikeeff, F.; Groot, G.
2005Asia-Pacific and a new international order: responses and options.Jain, P.; Stafford, G.
2006Asia-Pacific political and economic circumstances in an era of global and regional transformationJain, P.; Mayer, P.
2003Asia: Cultural politics in the global agePak, S.
1998Australasian Studies of Japan: Essays and Annotated Bibliography (1989-96)Jain, P.
1998Australasian Studies of Japan: IntroductionJain, P.
1998Australia and China - What Next?Watson, Andrew J.
2007Australia's attitude toward Asian values and regional community buildingJain, P.
2009Australia's middle power strategy toward asian regionalismIto, Go; Rathus, Joel
2017Australian Intercultural Standards and IndexMalhi, A.; Ballantyne, G.; Ford, L.; Intercultural Cities Australasia