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2007Nutrition and genome healthFenech, M.; International Conference on Nutrigenomics (ILSI-International-Life-Science-Institute) (07 Dec 2005 - 09 Dec 2005 : Singapore)
2004Folate deficiency induces aneuploidy in human lymphocytes in vitro - evidence using cytokinesis-blocked cells and probes specific for chromosomes 17 and 21Wang, X.; Thomas, P.; Xue, J.; Fenech, M.
2005Folic acid deficiency increases chromosomal instability, chromosome 21 aneuploidy and sensitivity to radiation-induced micronucleiBeetstra, S.; Thomas, P.; Salisbury, C.; Turner, J.; Fenech, M.
2007Harmonisation of the micronucleus assay in human buccal cells - a Human Micronucleus (HUMN) project ( initiative commencing in 2007Fenech, M.; Bolognesi, C.; Kirsch-Volders, M.; Bonassi, S.; Zeiger, E.; Knasmuller, S.; Holland, N.
2009Buccal micronucleus cytome assayThomas, P.; Holland, N.; Bolognesi, C.; Kirsch-Volders, M.; Bonassi, S.; Zeiger, E.; Knasmueller, S.; Fenech, M.
2008The interactive effect of alcohol and folic acid on genome stability in human WIL2-NS cells measured using the cytokinesis-block micronucleus cytome assayTeo, T.; Fenech, M.
2003Report from the in vitro micronucleus assay working groupKirsch-Volders, M.; Sofuni, T.; Aardema, M.; Albertini, S.; Eastmond, D.; Fenech, M.; Ishidate, M.; Kirchner, S.; Lorge, E.; Morita, T.; Norppa, H.; Surralles, J.; Vanhauwaert, A.; Wakata, A.
2004Comparison of DNA damage and repair following radiation challenge in buccal cells and lymphocytes using single-cell gel electrophoresisDhillon, V.; Thomas, P.; Fenech, M.
2009Inhalative exposure to vanadium pentoxide causes DNA damage in workers: Results of a multiple end point studyFenech, M.
2007Cytokinesis-block micronucleus cytome assayFenech, M.