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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Editors' report, November 2011Somogyi, A.; Lewis, L.; Cohen, A.; Ferro, A.; Loke, Y.; Ritter, J.
2000Kinetics and inhibition of the formation of 6β-naltrexol from naltrexone in human liver cytosolPorter, S.; Somogyi, A.; White, J.
2002Diacetylmorphine degradation to 6-monoacetylmorphine and morphine in cell culture: implications for in vitro studiesHutchinson, M.; Somogyi, A.
2013The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of single dose (R)- and (S)-warfarin administered separately and together: relationship to VKORC1 genotypeMaddison, J.; Somogyi, A.; Jensen, B.; James, H.; Gentgall, M.; Rolan, P.
2012Morphine activates neuroinflammation in a manner parallel to endotoxinWang, X.; Loram, L.; Ramos, K.; de Jesus, A.; Thomas, J.; Cheng, K.; Reddy, A.; Somogyi, A.; Hutchinson, M.; Watkins, L.; Yin, H.
2008Enhanced buprenorphine analgesia with the addition of ultra-low-dose naloxone in healthy subjectsLa Vincente, S.; White, J.; Somogyi, A.; Bochner, F.; Chapleo, C.
2013Ketamine as a new treatment for depression: a review of its efficacy and adverse effectsKatalinic, K.; Lai, R.; Somogyi, A.; Mitchell, P.; Glue, P.; Loo, C.
2002Reply to Dr. Clark's comment on Doverty et al., hyperalgesic responses in methadone maintenance patients (Pain 2001;90 : 91-96)Doverty, M.; White, J.; Somogyi, A.; Bochner, F.; Ali, R.; Ling, W.
2001Precipitated withdrawal following codeine administration is dependent on CYP genotypeChew, M.; White, J.; Somogyi, A.; Bochner, F.; Irvine, R.
2001Classification of the kinetics of factor VIII inhibitors in haemophilia A: plasma dilution studies are more discriminatory than time-course studiesLing, M.; Duncan, E.; Rodgers, S.; Somogyi, A.; Crabb, G.; Street, A.; Lloyd, J.